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 Not only are you helping us grow and do more stuff, you are going to get access to view an invite-only live stream of us recording Middleville Mornings every Sunday morning at 9am CT. 
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 Your generosity will give you access to participate in an invite-only live stream of us recording Middleville Mornings every Sunday morning at 9am CT. We will also invite you to help us write and record an episode. 




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Why we decided to start a Patreon page:
Andreya, Anthony, Lexy, and Steve at Twisted Lens Media really appreciate all of the wonderful support that you have gifted us over the past several years. Thanks to that support we've made engaging and hilarious podcasts in 1000 Ways To F This Up (concluded) and Middleville Mornings (ongoing), and live for the sweet fan love those projects bring us. We're now diving in to streaming live content with Squeeb Plays, Tony's Completatorium, and Blindly Forward. We've had so much fun with all our projects and we'd like to do more. We love getting to know the people out there who like what we do, so we've sweetened the pot a bit by giving anyone who becomes a Patron the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes as we make all of this great content.

We will never charge for anything we make for you. We see it as a wonderful opportunity to entertain and that is what drives us. While we don't require anyone to contribute to this ragtag band of misfits, we decided that it wouldn't hurt to give you the opportunity to give. Anything we receive, whether from Twitch subscriptions, PayPal donations, Patreon contributions, etc., all goes directly into creating new content for you. We've been overwhelmed with the amount of support that we've received since we started out on this adventure and we'd like to continue to grow.

Some of the things that we want to create for you:
  • More podcasts ranging from informational to comedic
  • Weekly short comedy series
  • Weekly live stream of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign and other tabletop games as opportunities arise
  • A show about puppets and humans going head-to-softer-head in a Judge-Judy like courtroom drama that we need (and you need, you'll see) to bring to life
  • Other projects that will come to us by magic on a random Tuesday (or by intelligent deliberation, whatever)

In addition to creation more for you, we also need to invest in more and better equipment (we use things until they break, and boy do they break) and maybe expand into a larger space (so we aren't stepping around film and audio equipment nearly every moment). Your contribution will also help us pay for a large chunk of the podcast hosting and other operational costs that come with running a burgeoning media network like Twisted Lens Media. This will help us keep making the awesome stuff we make now and give us a chance to show you what else we can do . We sincerely appreciate every single penny graciously given, but remember that if you can't give, you can still enjoy all of the same content you always have and we thank you just the same. We are humbled and excited that you take the time to pay attention to our little corner of the Internet.
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The work that we do is done when we have the time and the energy to make great stuff. There is a lot of content that we would like to produce, but we are pretty much at our limit in terms of resources and time. Your generosity would allow us to expand both our resource and our time to produce more great content for you.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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