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is creating a video game about depression and streaming about it

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You're amazing for supporting us! In return you'll be in our current game's credits and gain behind the scene access. Thank you so much!
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  • Name in Supporter Section of our current games credits
  • "Little Ram"-role on our Discord server
  • Access to behind the scenes gallery on our Discord Server.


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Thank you so much for supporting us! You'll get everything from the "Little Rambler" tier and some future mail from the Twisted Ramblers! :)
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  • After 3 month of membership you'll receive a hand written thank you post card from the developers and some cute stickers! (one time)
  • Get access to test builds and levels (as we make them).
  • "Rambler"- Role on our Discord Server
  • "Little Rambler"-tier benefits

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This is huge! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Be prepared to get some future mail and merch! :D
You'll also can make suggestions on what games we should look at in our "Feierabend"-Twitch-Streams in addition to the things from the Rambler Tier.
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Includes Discord benefits
  • After 3 months of membership you'll not only get a post card and stickers but also can select from our availabe merch!
  • Make suggestions what to play on our "Feierabend"-Streams
  • "Rambler"-tier benefits




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About Twisted Ramble Games

Hey there! :)

We, Kerstin, Verena and Sandra, founded Twisted Ramble Games to create games about stigmatized or complicated topics. Our goal is to present them in a light-hearted, colorful and respectful manner. This way we'll make it easier to approach a new, complicated or sometimes uncomfortable topic. Currently we're working on Duru.

Duru is a 2D puzzle adventure about mole rats and depression. It shows how we all can help people affected by this illness.
Set in a West-African inspired mole rat colony you play Tuli, one of the gatherers of the colony. One day everything becomes harder as Bel, an AI companion and the personification of Tuli's growing depression, joins the party.
While running, jumping and painting your way through the tunnels surrounding the colony you have to find a way to deal with Bel and its manipulative behaviour. Your constant companion moves objects you painted around, eats them and holds you back in which ever way possible. Learn to use Bels behaviour in a way that lets you progress.

For a first impression, check out the demo of Duru on steam!

To realize Duru and our future projects we need funds to support our little three-women indie team. Our Patrons help us to save the time we need to apply for funds and put it into our games.
In summer of 2020 we had a successful Kickstarter campaign for Duru but the pandemic impacted us as well and more time (and thus money) is needed.

We are close to the finish line. Join and support us for the home stretch to Duru and beyond!

We know times are difficult so please support us at the level you can. Even sharing our Patreon page or wishlisting Duru on steam helps a bunch! Thank you so much!

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We want to give something back for your support! Our first 25 Patrons will get a key to our game once it is finished! <3
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