TwitchPress by LOLinDark

TwitchPress by LOLinDark

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Support the future of the project and get backer level support for the plugin by the developer of the plugin. The best way to get that support is in your newly accessible Backers Support channels in Discord.
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Full support for the plugin and even hands-on help to get your premium gaming themes setup.

You will also get to expedite the development of new features and changes that are important to your own project.

Also, get your Twitch channel listed as a backer and supporter of the project. Plus other free marketing opportunities as they happen.

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About TwitchPress by LOLinDark

Premium Twitch Features...Free!

TwitchPress has been developed by the community, for the community. The goal is to establish a strong but low-cost option for new streamers who need to make a big impact. The plugin is an open-source contender to premium plugins and can greatly decrease the costs of your gaming hobby. Plugin

Hundreds of hours of unpaid development have gone into TwitchPress, a Twitch API integrated plugin designed for streamers who run a website and need to inject it with some of Twitches purple power. The plugin is not official but we have official permission to use it to access Twitch data and live streams through the Twitch Developer Agreement.

Search for TwitchPress in your WP admin or download the plugin on the official website. 

WP Gamer Hosting

Coming 2021 for backers here on Patron. As a backer of the high tier, you'll soon have access to hosting run by the same developer that can help you get TwitchPress running. That means support is unique and you'll be part of a unique network of gaming sites that can tap into additional perks that can only be possible within the TwitchPress community. 

$22.28 of $50 per month
Web Hosting: My patrons will be given WordPress web hosting. Hosting with the new service will allow faster Twitch API and TwitchPress plugin support. 
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