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About Rickard Jonasson

The return of twogag?

Hey everybody. First off, I'm humbled that so many people have gotten in touch with me over the last year and told me how much you miss Twogag.
Until now I haven't shared with anyone why I suddenly stopped updating it. This is partly due to shame, but also that I always planned on picking it back up again, eventually. But i wasn't really sure how, as something had to change. The way I used to do it caused me so much stress that it drove me into a depression that I had to spend months dealing with. I even stopped drinking, whaaat?!
The thing was, I felt like I owed you guys updates, and I felt really guilty every time I missed one. That isn't healthy, especially since the comic is free and the money I made from ads and such was meager to say the least. It just wasn't worth missing out on so much of life because of a comic I got so little from, well, besides creative fulfillment.
Which is a shame, because for all intents and purposes, twogag seems to be a popular comic.

But I feel better now, and that's why I'm proposing this restructure. If the goal of '$500 per creation' is met, and kept at that sum. Then I will start updating twogag again. And I will keep updating it on the site as usual, free for everyone to read.
What this means is that once/if that sum is reached I will post a comic, here on Patreon, and on the twogag site. And Patreon will only charge you after a comic has been posted, never if it hasn't. And a maximum of 2 times per week.

Some of you might think this is like keeping the comic hostage, but I nearly killed myself doing the comic and it is hard to justify that amount of work, time, and mental stress year after year without a way to sustain my efforts.

It feels fantastic to have created something so many of you like, and this is your chance to show me how much you want the comic to return. After all, It’ll only take 100 of you to pledge $5 to get the comic rolling again. That’s like what, half a cup of Starbucks?

This proposal might fail and embarrass me, but it’s the best solution I’ve come up with that’ll make us all happy. I actually already have a handful of comics ready to go if we meet the goal.
So, the comic is now in your hands, people.

As a an instant part of your support you will be able to view the sketch of the next comic that will go up. ( with no charge unless the goal is actually reached).
You will also get instant access to a discord server I’ve set up, with roles based on your pledge amount.

Okay. Let’s see what happens!
$397.64 of $500 per creation
As long as this goal is reached comics will continue to be created.
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