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Hi! This is Gnegon Galek, the founding and core member of Two Games Joined. Patreon is a new thing for me, but I am starting to take this project more seriously with each day, and so I want to:
a) reach more people who can appreciate the intricacy;
b) find a way to fund the more ambitious ideas involved!

In short, Two Games Joined is an idea, manifested primarily through music, to take elements of modern pop-culture - works that are either made using modern technology, or representing it as one of their prominent themes - and mold them into songs that are both analytical of the source material as well as personal in nature. The project's releases so far have been influenced primarily by video games, comics and western animation, but the overarching goal is to expand its reach further, in order to appeal to all aspects of nerdom.

2GJ does not simply play things that have already been created; sure, it takes things from them, refers to them, but the main idea is to take one thing that exists and build something new on top of it. Think of it like a graphical collage - melodies, topics, themes, pasted together and painted over.

Of course, because this is a labor of love devoted to these things Two Games Joined covers, it is not aimed towards earning - but there is spending involved. This is why this Patreon account was created in the first place, but fear not! For years, the creative processes of the project went through a multitude of early versions, outtakes and experimental escapades.

As a patron, you would be among those who could peer deep into the depths of my mind... and get cool stuff in general.

Finished releases:
Ballistic Bunny (2014 EP)
Beyond (2015 maxi-single)
Beyond: Remixed (2016 remix EP)
Inner Monsters (Original Soundtrack) (2016 mini-album)
Shadows (2017 album)
More Acid Pours from Within (2018 remix EP)
Megalovaniæ (2019 maxi-single)

Kirby: The Green (Greens) Album (2018 compilation)
Castlevania (1986-1996): Scarlet Night (2018 compilation)
Indie Games: The Great Tale of the Little Ones, vol. 2 (2019 compilation)

In progress:
Metroid Fusion EP
Unknown video game EP
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Let's start with something simple, shall we? 2GJ needs a website and streaming outlets (Spotify, Tidal, etc.). This small monthly income is all I need to start taking care of these things without worrying about managing my day-to-day life!
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