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About Two Get Lost

Hi! We’re Emily and Adam, a couple from the UK who quit our 9-5s in London to travel the world. We talked about our shared dream to learn to sail on our very first date, and a year and a half later we bought our Kadey Krogen 38 sailboat, Hot Chocolate.

We bought the cheapest blue water sailboat we could find (which has really kept us on our toes!) and sailed Hot Chocolate over to Greece, where we have been juggling work commitments alongside learning to sail. We want to prove that this lifestyle is possible and affordable for everyone, and our videos and blog ( show the real side of the sailing lifestyle, the anxiety and mishaps as well as the wonder.

We'd love to have your support to help us keep producing videos and updating our blog (limited internet alone costs £80 a month out here!) Your contribution will help us to keep producing content more regularly and go towards replacing some of our already broken camera gear!

Not sure what Patreon is? We weren't either until we started looking into ways we could keep our boat afloat (so to speak!) Here you can support us and help us produce high quality content by donating an amount of your choice. The money you donate will go towards paying all the hidden costs behind producing our videos and blog (such as internet bills, data storage, replacing damaged equipment and so on and so on)

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Emily and Adam
Two Get Lost
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