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Saviors are called saviors for a reason.
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About Two Guys in Search of an Argument


Thank you for clicking on the link that brought you here from our website. As simple as our friendly (and argumentative) podcast sounds, it's not cheap. We need supporters and appreciate you considering helping us with even a small donation. 

We love making our podcasts and sharing them with you. I met Peggy a million years ago when she was an outrageous nurse at the University of Chicago and I was teaching English and writing. I met Jim when we were both coaching debate gallivanting around the US with kids far smarter than us. I wasn’t thinking of having kids at the time since I was in what I like to euphemistically call my dating stage and gay marriage didn’t exist, but I loved Jim’s parenting style. No rules, just like he likes on the podcast.

If you like us and want to support us, the simplest way to do that is giving us a dollar. One dollar a month will have an enormous effect on us. If you’ve never signed up with Patreon before, think of yourself as a Patron of the Arts, like the Medici family with less violence.* Although Jim definitely thinks our podcast is not Art, I have my doubts. We love creating, but this is definitely more than a hobby.

Finally, we've had a few people question our use of this web service. Patreon takes 5% of your donation, so yes, if you give us a dollar a month, it's really only 95 cents. I'm okay with paying for the service, but if it bugs you, feel free to donate money to us directly. Just reach out on our website, mention a donation, and I'll get back to you right away. 

Support us by being a Savior, Judy, Foxy or God!  

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