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You get access to Patreon only content that features special segments like Ask A Nerd, Comic Pushers, and Take a Look it's in a Book (see our THN forums for more on these segments)  Plus, you get a...

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You get exclusive access to "The Drunk Nerds' Guide to Previews," a show where Joe and Matt enjoy cocktails while perusing the Previews catalog each month.  Plus, all previous rewards.

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You are invited to the dark and secretive Inner Circle  and can show off your membership with a THN BEER KOOZIE!  Coming soon.  And of course, you get all the other swag and access to Patreon exclu...

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You will receive a one-of-a-kind, full color, single character drawing of the comic book character of your choice - yes, even if it's Cavewoman - drawn by Joe Patrick himself (subject to Joe's puri...