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About Two Hundred a Day

Two Hundred a Day is a podcast by Nathan D. Paoletta and Epidiah Ravachol. We are exploring the intensely weird and interesting world of the 70s TV detective show The Rockford Files. We review episodes of the show, then analyze how and why they work as great pieces of narrative and character-building.

Haven't heard us yet? Check out the podcast here, and find a guide to the episodes we've released so far at the bottom of the page. You can also check out the Two Hundred a Day Rockford Files Files, a spreadsheet of show notes and ephemera made possible by our patrons, who also have access to contribute to it! 

Both of us come from the world of tabletop game design and fiction, and we love The Rockford Files just as much for its tight writing and mindful use of narrative as for James Garner's smile. In each episode of Two Hundred a Day, we watch an episode, recap and review it as fans of the show, and then tease out specific elements from that episode that hold lessons for writers, gamers and anyone else interested in making better narratives.

This takes time and energy! We're doing it because we want to, but as independent creators we also need to support ourselves with what we put out into the world. Your support here on Patreon translates directly into making the podcast better (through investing in equipment and taking critique directly from our audience), and more frequent (the more support we get, the more time we can devote to recording and releasing episodes!)

In addition to the rewards listed to the right, all Patrons will get updates in-between Episodes to share what we're talking about next and any other news about the podcast. You get it first!

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Episode Guide
We cherry-pick episodes and jump around in the series for our selections. Other than for two-part episodes, you don't need to listen to ours in any real order either. Here are some good jumping-on points back the beginning of the show if you just want to sample what we do!

  • (Ep 45) S3E14-15 The Trees, The Bees and T.T. Flowers - A great two-parter that combines great character moments with ace direction and a compelling story, we consider both parts in one episode as we transition into a more holistic style for the podcast as a whole.
  • (Ep 40) 1994 TV movie A Blessing In Disguise - The second of the 90s TV movies that centers on Angel running a televangelist scam and Jim trying to, as always, save his skin. It's a testament to the wonderful chemistry of Garner and Margolin! 
  • (Ep 32) S3E7 So Help Me God - Jess Banks joins us to discuss one of the most memorable, and perhaps influential, episodes of the show. This "issue episode" dramatizes the use of grand juries to compel witness testimony and exploit the mechanisms of justice to deprive innocent people of their rights. Highly recommended!
  • (Ep 29) S4E12 The Queen of Peru - A family from Indiana, a crew of jewel thieves and Jim Rockford stuck in the middle. This comedic episode is rightly considered a Rockford Files classic! 
  • (Ep 26) S1E2 The Dark and Bloody Ground - We are joined by Emily Care Boss to talk about this early, and excellently done, episode that features fantastic action scenes as Jim untangles a copyright-driven plot of murder and conspiracy.
  • (Ep 24) S5E4 White on White and Nearly Perfect - Tom Selleck guest stars as Lance White, a picture-perfect PI who stepped right of the movies. A hilarious deconstruction of the PI concept, this is just a wonderful episode!
  • (Ep20) S4E20 Quickie Nirvana - Jim's hippie friend Sky Aquarian is too forgetful for her own good, and he needs to help her get out of a blackmail scheme turned deadly. We have a lot to say about this one, recommended!
  • (Ep10) S2E9 Chicken Little Is A Little Chicken - Angel draws Jim into a scheme that can only be solved by a shell game at a funeral. One of our favorite episodes!
  • (Ep4) S2E2 The Farnsworth Strategem - Jim runs an amazing con game to help out his buddy Sgt. Becker. Highly recommended!
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