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About TwoThornedRose

Are you ready to get whore-ified?

If you somehow landed on this page without knowing who I am, let me introduce myself. I go by TwoThornedRose, ( or simply Rose), I've been an adult content creator for over 5 years, setting records with my abilities, kicking ass, and taking names.
But before my adventures in the adult world began I was a special effects makeup artist, this spawned from my love of all things dark and spooky. I was making my own fake blood as a teenager and making fake dead limbs that were sprouting from a model's body as an adult.
On this page, I'll be bringing you that creativity and love for all things that go hump- I mean, bump- in the night. Join me and I'll take you on the adventure of creating my much anticipated annual Halloween series, 13 Nights of WhoreOween.

As a special effects artist I create everything from my own concepts, props, settings, makeup designs, and much more. I also do all of my own scripting, set-ups, makeup (of course), hair styling, photo shoots, editing, and visual effects in post production. I'll take you on a behind the scenes journey to show you how I do things from creating props and settings, sewing my own costumes, doing my makeup, and editing my content to get the finished product.
I always say I'm a pool side diva by day, and a vampire vixen by night. You'll find a lot of vampire content on here, including how I use After Effects to make my fangs transform in videos. I'll show you other editing techniques I learn along the way, including before and after photo edits, and how I cloned myself twice in a video, and how I chopped myself in two!

But like I said, poolside diva by day. You'll also get sets of me just when I'm feeling cute and inspired in my daily life. Lots of shoots out by the pool, trying on new lingerie/outfits, and just having fun in front of the camera. You'll get full videos of things like the teaser below!

Becoming a Patron is your way of showing how much you appreciate and support my work. By no means do you have to join, but by doing so you're helping me to make even more creative content, thus making for a happier me. (A creative me is a happy me)
Exclusive content - I say exclusive content because Patreon is the only place to find my photo sets. I may sell a special set on occasion to the public, but you will definitely be getting it here to enjoy. About 90% of my sets never get sold and are only view-able on here. Plus you'll get selfies, gifs, posts to Lens (which is like snap or instagram stories!)
WhoreOween - I've got lots and lots of work ahead of me for WhoreOween. You'll get to see the props I'm working on, the settings I'm creating, and the costumes I'm sewing. I'll be asking for YOUR input on things from different concepts to the final edit. Oh, and there will be HD photos. Enough HD photos to drown you in. (I mean, 13 videos... a photo set for each video... 20+ photos in each set... You get the idea. LOTS O' PICTURES!)
Cosplays -  I have several cosplays I'll be doing for WhoreOween this year, but once that's all said and done I'll continue doing other cosplays throughout the year! It could be something like Elvira or something fun and cute like Misty or Gwenpool!
Vote in polls / Community! - I want to hear your feedback! I want build a creative community here where we can all share ideas! Please never feel shy when it comes to leaving a comment or asking a question! I want to answer your questions, I want to build this thing together!
Gifs, selfies, and Lens posts - Selfies while I'm in makeup or getting ready, gifs of me while I'm having fun in front of the camera, and Lens posts to give you a quick peak! I like keeping you guys updated and showing off what I'm doing!
Phone wallpapers - Nothing makes me happier than you sending me a screenshot of your home screen with a photo of me! Seriously! Nothing! I love that you appreciate my work that much!
Autographed prints and photo books - These are available to my most awesome supporters on here! You'll get a print or photo book of photos from a set that was posted that month! I love seeing my work in a nice glossy 8x10 or putting together a photo book for you!
I post things that all tiers can enjoy, sometimes I post public teasers hoping to catch your eye and draw you in (if I haven't already!) But I always make sure all of the tiers are getting updates, no one gets left out! So I hope you join me on this spooky, sexy ride and help me bring your nightmares to life... in a good way!

Unpleasant Dreams...
xox TwoThornedRose
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When I reach 25 patrons I'll send every patron an exclusive photo print, (one that won't even be posted online!) Even those in the $1 tier will get this!
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