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    First of all, thanks for stopping by!  My name is Chris Farris and I have a deep passion for writing, especially about Jesus and the Bible. If you don't about my website,, and my book, The Way, let me fill you in:

    I began a book project on The Beatitudes in 2014. That book is called The Way and has already been shared around the United States and the globe with thousands of readers.  I first launched the website,, strictly for the purpose of promoting and informing people about The Way.  

    As the book gained popularity, people who bought the book were wanting to read more.  So, I launched the Compass Page in early 2015. It is a blog that uploads series based content on a regular basis (usually once a week but sometimes 2-3 times depending on the series).  Through the last 3 years, I've posted hundreds of devotions, reviews and other posts there, and some have been repurposed and published!

    I've also been able to do several other great projects such as the Dios Project, which is being used in Spain to educate people about the identity of God.  I've gone to conferences like Because of the Times and given exclusive reports not found anywhere else.  I've even embedded in the cast of a live production of the last days of Christ and showed what it was like to be a part of such a unique witnessing tool. 

    I want to continue advancing TWTL Ministries with great content for everyone.  However, as I've gone along, it has gotten harder to keep up with the desire readers have for the content I am providing.  I've had to scale back on my devotions and conferences and projects I've wanted to pursue and cover.  Mostly, it's been due to budgetary reasons.  It is my hope that through your help on Patreon, I will be able to expand the website with greater content and further connect with readers to provide content they desire!  

    With your help, I can start creating content on a more regular basis and further the reach of The Way and TWTL Ministries.  I will also use this money to support other ministers like we did with our Dios Project and help other inspirational writers (maybe even you!). There may even be the opportunity to write further books for publication!  Let me say that, regardless of how much money is raised, TWTL Ministries will still be active and creating content.  We've been able to be a blessing around the world and just want to expand that ability.  

    Thanks in advance for considering supporting me and The Way in furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing people with content they can relate with on an individual basis. Here's some of the things that will be available to those who assist us:

    -Devotions posted in advance here
    -Devotions that are exclusive to Patreon supporters
    -Devotion specifically written for those who provide $20 per month (even if it's just one month!)
    -YouTube videos detailing the process for our missions projects
    -Input into the direction of our missions projects and future devotions
    -Special reviews of books, movies, and events we attend
    -Exclusive downloads from TWTL and future products we produce in advance!

    Thanks again for your support and we look forward to taking TWTL Ministries to the next level with your support! God bless and keep searching.

    Chris Farris
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    Wow!  This is Awesome!  For this I will do a special video detailing how The Way came to be!
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