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- HD Wallpaper
- PSD file of paintings/sketches done over the session
- Brush set used for the paintings
- Masterclass Lesson or Tutorial (Voice!)



About Ty Carter

Hi there! I'm Ty, a visual development artist currently working at Blue Sky Studios.

I fell in love with drawing as a little boy and have loved it since! When I went to college to choose a career path, I was interested in architecture, transportation design, advertising and illustration but couldn't decide which was right for me. Until I heard about concept artists. They created characters, environments and entire worlds. It was like all my interests combined into one! It felt right so I decided to go for it. After a lot of hard work, I eventually became an art director at Netflix Animation Studios. And although it wasn't easy, I can wholeheartedly say I love my job.  

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Your support here on Patreon enables me to achieve personal goals as a creator and develop my own style! As a full time studio artist, I work on other people's stories all day but Patreon enables me to develop my own personal voice. As you know, the journey of an artist is a long one but worth every minute. In return for your support, I'm excited to share   . Thank you for considering becoming a Patron.  

What's a Session?
Sessions are reward packages released once a month. They include Key Illustrations, Hi Res Images, PSDs, Brushes, Timelapse Videos, HD Tutorials, Live Streams and Mentorships.  Please feel free to browse around the tiers to view each of the unique rewards. 

Schedule: There is one Session released per month. Rewards are sent out by the 10th after Patreon Processes all pledges. 

Deadline to Pledge: The deadline to sign up for each Session is on or before the last day of each month. As long as you remain a patron, you will continue receiving future packages.

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, you can cancel at anytime with no strings attached. 

Past Content: If you are looking for a specific painting or tutorial of mine, you can find all past sessions in my Gumroad store!

Thanks for considering becoming a Patron and supporting me to do what I love!
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