Ty Grahmann Music is creating Barbershop / A Cappella Music

$1 /creation
  • Access to my Patreon-Only Feed
  • Free MP3 of the song you support.
  • Request a song

$5 /creation
  • Access to a 30 minute Google Hangout/Skype Session.
  • Free MP3 of the song you support
  • C# A Cappella follows you on Twitter

$10 /creation
  • A recognition tweet
  • Free copy of my first album. (When it's released)

$25 /creation
  • an MP3 of the song you supported
  • A free set of learning tracks for the song you support

$50 /creation
  • A Collaborative video between you and I.

$75 /creation
  • Private 1 on 1 session with me on Skype/Hangouts for whatever you want, pointers, anything!
  • A custom video for you. (Happy birthday, thank you, etc..)