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My name is Tyler and I am a streamer and content creator. Thank you so much for visiting my page! It is a hope of mine to create a great, and fun community that loves to play games together!
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You are helping Tyler achieve his hope of creating a great community! You have my undying thanks and I hope I can continue to be worth it!

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You are helping Tyler achieve his hope of creating a great community! In addition, people of this tier and higher will be able to have a direct chat to the stream by being able to chat in the patrons-only-chat in the discord! You will also receive a personal thank you from Tyler!

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Iron Pickaxe
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You gain access to a special Patron-only Minecraft(Java) server! Rules will be in place, and enforced! A special thank you will be delivered to you as well for being so generous!

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 You'll gain access to a new Special Patron role in Discord! I will guarantee a Special Patron-only call once a week to keep you exclusively updated on how the week is going and what to look forward to. Exclusive first-looks of videos, merch, etc. This also marks you as a special, trusted viewer. During the call, I will ask you all specifically how the community/channel is improving, and what I can do to improve. 

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Someone’s got more money than they know what to do with! Haha! Jokes aside, it’s an honor that someone would even consider donating, let alone this tier. You will also get to be an Executive Producer, mentioned at the end of every video! I will even hand-paint the logo and sign it, and of course send it to you! Plus, I'll hop on a one-on-one call with you for twenty minutes to have an awesome personal convo! You also receive all previous tier rewards!

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Platinum Plate Armor
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This is someone whose pockets are melted by money! All previous rewards, but also Executive Producer credits and the beginning, shout-outs in the middle, and the end. As well, your social media link (max. 1) will get posted in the description on every video!

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I don't expect anyone to choose this, but this is my birthday number, haha! If anyone ever did, I will come meet you (and friends if you'd like) in person and buy you dinner (just you, not your friends). I'll even record a video to feature you and your friends for the channel. Shoutouts all around! Obviously, all previous tier rewards! Heck, even a super discord role!

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Two Videos Per Week Guaranteed. Hopefully I will be able to upload more, but I promise a video every Sunday and Wednesday.
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