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About Tynkerd

About Me:
I love translating Japanese LN/WN when I can spare the time.
I don't want to work on anything too stereotypical, cliché, mundane or that has terrible prose. I want to translate works that keep me on edge, that have adventure and suspense, character growth and relationships; among other things. I also love really well-written battle/fight scenes.

Why Patreon?
I love translating, and I love the feedback you guys give me.
Still, it really helps to have a little extra coming in to help with costs and keep the missus happy.

① Each chapter will be more than 4,000 Japanese characters
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10 of 25 patrons
I will do a QA livestream on Youtube (or Twitch) to answer questions you may have about life in Japan, Light Novels, Web Novels, or anything else. (30-mins to 1-hour)
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