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About TypeStack

Rethink webdevelopment

Meet TypeStack

TypeStack is a - fully packed - easy to install PHP library including a user friendly dashboard to create and launch template based websites.

Build on a module based architecture you'll have full creative freedom to develop any type of webapp you want. TypeStack offers more than just a content management system. It's fast, packed with tons of features by default and easy to learn!

Agencies can setup a custom branded dashboard to install, manage and update multiple customizable webapps for multiple clients. Just select your template, add content using the live editor and you're ready to launch!

TypeStack delivers a user-friendly expierence to both end-users as developers. With complete freedom you can develop any application you can think of. TypeStack offers you all features and requirementst you'll need.

Using the build-in templates and plugin-ins you can even easily extend the TypeStack default functionality. Develop your own plugins based upon the TypeStack core or extend custom applications with your favorite framework like Laraval or Symfony.

No more testing on your local machine. Within a few seconds you can setup an online environment for testing en deployment. You can test real time online without any commit to GIT and manage all commits and versions directly from the dashboard.

Initial page load within 500ms

Each next page within 50 - 150ms!

But that's not all...

User-friendly, smart and fast

TypeStack is designed to be fast and friendly to both users as developers. No worries about optimizing your CSS, JavaScript or images. All public assets are (realtime) automatically cached and optimized for excellent performance.

Installed in 60 seconds

Using the build-in templates and plugin-ins you'll be up-and-running within 60 seconds. Patreon sponsors will get a free demo including SSH or FTP access for further customization.

Live inline editing

Edit your website from any device, realtime! Just tap or select the type of content you want to add or edit. Using the inline grid you can easily edit and update your content.

Based on MaterializeCSS

TypeStack is build on the populair CSS framework that is build on the common material design guidelines from Google.

Build for a Brand New Web

TypeStack is developed and maintained by Brand New Web. We could use your support to keep TypeStack updates, plugins and templates coming.

Please note: TypeStack is currently running in beta for selected projects only.

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Additional developers
We are in need of new TypeStack developers to extend and maintain the TypeStack core, dashboard and webapps functionalities.

With your support we can hire the required resources to keep TypeStack updates coming to create a brand new web.

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