Lee Tzu-Tung |李紫彤

is creating conceptual, video and new media art
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About Lee Tzu-Tung |李紫彤

Dear readers, 各位讀者您好,

I am Lee Tzu Tung, a conceptual artist, and a director. My artworks topics range from gender, politics, indigenous right, white terror and I express them through the internet, video and various participatory ways. Here, I disclose the current projects that I am working on.
我是李紫彤,我是個概念藝術家、導演。我的作品關注性別、政治、原住民白色恐怖、國族認同等議題。以新媒體為媒材,做出多項參與式創作的藝術作品。 在這邊,我會向您揭露我在做的計畫及進度。

Currently, I am finishing an experimental ethnography Writing the Time Lag, it investigates the relationship between Taiwan national and gender identity since 2014. In the research process, I participated political organizations and movements including Formosan Association of Public Affairs, Democratic Progressive Party, Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy, and Passage of Time... etc. I also went to Tafalong, Makotaay, Katratripur tribes, furthering exploration. The film explains how women, in her desire and relationship experiences, transgress their identity and the authority of historical writings, <g>reconstruct the</g> cross-cultural relationships while continuing the cultural tradition. <Writing the Time Lag> consists of an all-female film group, and it's also a Participatory Video. On 2019 8/3, the film is going to be exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.
近期,我正在做《時差書寫》(Writing the Time Lag),是一部自2014年開始拍攝的實驗民族誌,探討國族認同與性別的關係。這段期間,我參與台灣人公共事務會<wbr>民主進步黨、海外台灣青年陣線、為歷史正義而走等政治組織活動;同時也到太巴塱、港口、卡大地布等部落拍攝紀錄片。了解女性在愛情慾望及婚姻經歷裡,如何穿越族群認同與歷史書寫的權威,並持續跨文化交流、接續傳統。《時差書寫》的劇組人員全部都是女性;也是讓受訪者同時擔任拍攝者的參與式影片。這部片2019/08/03時,將會在台北當代美術館展出。

<Writing the Time Lag> is now in post-production, the tasks include editing, coloring, sound designing, music composing and promotion. Therefore, it requires your support, to make the art quality, and the voice in the film more vivid and complete.  

$324 of $20,000 per creation
When I reach 20000 dollars, I will starts to create an artists team letting people know how artist's all over the world works like. 
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