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About Ness Delacroix

I'm Ness. I make Twitch emotes & badges, as well as other stuff like illustrations or SFM animations & posters. I've done work for live events in esports & video gaming such as various Team Fortress 2 events & Tip of the Hats, as well as been commissioned by companies such as as CEVO Inc, PC Gamer, and Blizzard Entertainment. By supporting me, you would help me with my quality of life which includes my bills for food and health insurance, particularly the last one since I have chronic RSI. 

If you like what I do, and have a bit of change lying around, consider donating, and thank you for all your support! I have perks available as well for donors.

This campaign is set for monthly. If for any reason something comes up where I cannot provide content for a month, Patreon rewards are subject to change to accommodate to that such as donor prices being reduced. 

If you have pledged but still have not received your donor perk by the following month, please message me either on Twitter, Patreon, or leave a Steam comment on my profile, and let me know so I can give you your pledge reward!

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PC Upgrades

Since 2015, I've managed to acquire the following:

  • new GPU (thanks Bobsplosion!)
  • new 2TB harddrive for SFM, video, and graphic storage
  • two 1TB harddrives 
Here's what I currently need money for:

  • RAM sticks (I'm mixing sticks from 2009 with ones from 2014, it won't last me)
  • tablet (my Monoprice is okay but it's not great)
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