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is creating A webisode: The Legend of the Uber Rapper
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Lets online video hang out once a month for a half hour and and discuss topics ranging anywhere from what ideas you may have for my next webisode and/or just have a laid-back Q&A.
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We get amazing conscious product sponsors that we would love to share with folks. We can ship out something hot this month! OR I can make you a classic Uber Rapper customized song (i.e birthday song for your girlfriend)




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About The Uber Rapper

AshEL SeaSunZ aka The Uber Rapper is the founder of Earth Amplified Consulting where he is a Creative Strategist for various environmental, social, and health conscious start ups and entrepreneurs. He is an adjunct professor of Climate, Race, and Activism at SF State University, founder and performer with eco-social conscious music and media group Earth Amplified, vocalist with West African/West Oakland band Dogon Lights, shamanic & plant based health coach, and a father of a 5 year old boy ;)

(I have heard about Patreon for a few months now. GENIUS! Its what we dont-fit-in-the- boxers needed! LETS ROLL!)

For thousands of years monks, gurus, and griots traveled from village to village giving help and wisdom to all that needed enlightenment, and even entertainment. Today the Uber Rapper fills that cultural void one ride at a time, disrupting the daily grind.

When you jump in the world of the Uber Rapper, you have two choices:
•Music: choose a topic, a genre of music, and the Uber Rapper will combine the topic and style of music and make up a customized song on the spot!
•Coaching: Just from listening to their voice, the Uber Rapper can give them an intuitive reading, which often times can turn into a coaching session.

The Legend of the Uber Rapper is a webisode where riders become participants in an interactive rhythmic conversation, exposed to green products, and introduced to local artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

You may have heard of Karaoke Carpool or Taxi Cab Confessions. This is not that. This is a live improvisational experience that allows riders to explore their own creativity and potentials.
Riders are given healthy local vegan products on their way out of the vehicle, but can receive more gifts from our sponsors through in-car games and post-ride interaction via their subscription to the Uber Rapper Platform. LETS CONTINUE MAKING HISTORY TOGETHER!
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When WE hit $1500 per month, we will be able to devote more time to building out the Uber Rapper Platform, ie. focusing on creating more content, implementing the latest video ideas with quicker turnaround, buying key equipment (from better cameras to LED lights to the website) and hiring more editors and social media mavens.
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