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$3 /mo
At this level per month you'll have access to #Ubucraft, it's my Vanilla Minecraft Server where myself, TheAtomicAss and others in the community play. I'm going to be show casing community members ...

$5 /mo
At this level, you'll have access to a different #Ubucraft World which has all the plugins and mod's. The server details will be provided once I see your donation.

$10 /mo
If you pledge this amount per month I'll most likely be able to start upgrading hardware used to make the show. An example would be a new GTX 980 for LIVE HD video encoding. I may even be able to l...

$20 /mo
If you become at Patreon at this level than once a month I'll send you a random #UbuGear item from my Spreadshirt shop.

$25 /mo
If you pledge this amount you're either crazy or you want to see behind the scenes video footage. You'll have access to videos showing how I setup my LAN for example. You'll also receive 1 item fro...