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Pledge $1 (or more) to gain access to Games on Planes, a diary series of my responses to the games I play. It's a bit poorly named since I also play while riding buses and planes, but let's not focus on that too much.

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Pledge $3 (or more) to gain exclusive access to the songs and albums I enjoyed while I did my Music Chores! This will be published once a month as a set of links to Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or Spotify. 

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Pledge $5 (or more) and receive access to all things analog! This tier will offer an advanced look at Polaroid and 35mm point-and-shoot work that will be exclusive for one calendar year then eventually published publicly to social media. These posts will also include diary-like reflections on the places and people reflected in the work.




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About EMiSpicer

Hi! My name is EMiSpicer and I like to take photos.

Beginning around August of 2010, I traveled around the world taking photos at events at the intersections of music, games, and art. I was originally aspiring to be a music photographer when I stumbled into Babycastles events, which introduced me to the games community. Back then, I didn't have a clear plan for existing in that space. I had brought my camera with me to practice and hopefully become a better photographer. But as time went on I fell in love with the community and eventually invented a title for myself: video game culture photographer. I still did music photography too, especially for the chiptune community, but I was probably best known for my work in games. My goal has been to show these strange and amazing things to the world, while hopefully capturing what it felt like to be there. I've created a lot of work I'm really proud of, including a few photos that you might even recognize.

The way I work has changed a lot over the years. I've worked too hard and burned myself out more times than I can count! So now I'm focusing on trying to find new ways to create while staying healthy. I guess that's what happens when you get older, hey? So while my ambitions in the past were to create more and better, right now I'm just trying to do good and steady.

Patreon became part of how I share what I'm working on since 2013, and now in 2021 I'm seeking to reintegrate it into my posting pipeline. In the earliest days I was maybe a little too ambitious with how I set things up, so now I'd like to apply what I've learned from other areas of my professional life and reapply them here. I'm thankful to have had so much support for so long, even while I was still just figuring things out! So now, I have some cool plans for ways I can thank you for your support without making things too stressful for me. I hope you'll give me a chance to show you what's up my sleeve.

After a few years of developing healthy habits when it came to sharing on social media, I've bumped up against the disadvantages of those formats: bite-size ephemeral just isn't the best way to showcase my work! With this Patreon, I seek to be able to show you more of my photos and at a faster rate than they'll be released from my public posting queues. I'm hoping to make this into a slightly more intimate space where I can share a little more of my perspective than micro-blogging allows for. I hope you'll find that interesting, and join me for this new phase of my independent publishing infrastructure.

Your support has always been crucial to the work I do, and I couldn't be more appreciative. I've made a lot of cool stuff over the years with all of you by my side. I hope you'll considering joining in while I finally dig into my archives and unearth the treasures I've had waiting there. I'll keep taking photos too, and share even more than that with you as well.  

Thank you for supporting me. I can't wait to show you what you've made possible.

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I can pay my bills with photography! It'd be a pretty rad milestone to be able to do this consistently, I hope you'll make that possible.
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