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♥ Welcome to the UGUU Sticker Club! ♥ Every month you will receive an exclusive sticker sheet with 3-4 unique designs! You can vote for the theme and add suggestions for next month! I cut them and print them at home so limited availability ^o^ Plus you will receive a 40% off coupon on (future) shop stickers! $10→$6

Includes previous tier rewards! (300+ exclusive posts what?!)

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  • Vote on the theme via a poll at the start of the month with an example sketch of options. You can suggest next month's theme and have it be voted on too!
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About Bella ♥

Hello! My name is Bella Marie and I love to create art!
Twitter / Caard (small gallery) / Artwork Site / Bunny Boy [Visual Novel]

I mainly focus on visual artwork but I love to try and learn new art forms like crochet, sculpture, photography, and zines! I'm currently in college and in the future want to become an illustrator but creating art is definitely something I know I'll do for the rest of my life :>

You can support me and see secret artwork, work in progress posts, sketchbook art, and day in the life posts as well ^o^♥ There is so much I only share here to my patrons and I really appreciate everyone's support!! ♥

With your support I can do more projects, create more artwork, try new art forms, help me outside of commissions and school, and really encourage what I create as an artist from you being a Patron! ♥

What to expect~ 
Tiers offer different content like WIPs, Secret pictures/artwork, or even exclusive sticker sheets! ♥ I also post photography, different media artwork, blogg-y posts, zines, old sketchbooks, and so much more as I get into different things and create stuff ^o^ Finished artwork will also be posted publicly but you get an instant update of my newest work uguu! ♥

More Info~ 
$10 Uguu Sticker Club Tier: Join the UGUU Sticker Club!!! You'll receive an exclusive sticker sheet in the mail every month with 3-4 designs with a theme you vote on! The poll has examples of each theme of what stickers I have in mind to make :> By the end of the month/after processing fees I will mail out your sticker~♥ ALSO! When I open a shop and sell stickers there, you will receive a coupon code every month for 40% off one sticker sticker sheet! ($10->$6) so you can get all the stickers I make >v< ♥ Join the club uguu owo!!
Thank you so much to everyone who is currently supporting me here and future Patrons! Thank you for believing in me and your support means more than the world to me, thank you!


65% complete
$100 Goal! I'll be able to dedicate my free time into livestreams for traditional and digital art. If I have patrons in the chat they can request small drawings during the stream. / Also be able to create charms, washi tape, apparel, and other cute goodies! (maybe add a special discount just for patrons!) I've always wanted to make things with my art on it >o<!
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