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You’re probably here because you’re interested in development or design.
I tried to briefly summarize my introduction.

I introduce myself in a few sentences because after 2 years I think it would be time to write a thing or two about myself as well. I would definitely like to adapt my profile to professions, I have kept to this for the last 2 years and will continue to do so.

I'm Dávid Tóth and I currently live in Hungary, more precisely I commute in Nyíregyháza and Ibrány, because I'm still a student at the University of Nyíregyháza. I'm 24 years old. (I hope I don’t forget to update this description, but my birthday is May 21.)

I started developing Android apps in 2015, but this was the learning phase in my life because I didn’t find my way in the development world for a long time at the University. It happened several times that my exams failed and I wanted to stop at the University several times because I felt that this was not my path. I received a lot of support to encourage me to continue and not stop.

I got acquainted with Android development in 2015 because a friend of mine made me an Android app for my old phone that helped me learn. This laid the foundation for my development journey. I really liked the app, which he did for me, so I started learning about app development as well, but it went hard because the University did not have Android development education. Also, my English was also low, so I progressed very slowly, but I didn’t give up and kept learning every day.

90% of my total development knowledge comes from the Internet. It’s true that the University had Java language instruction, which helped a bit, but I gained a huge amount of my knowledge from the Internet.

  •  When I received the letter that I was admitted to the University of Nyíregyháza (I was 18 years old) I knew I would need a laptop, so I went to work for a woodworking company, where I painted and packed beams for 8-10 hours, and by the end of the summer we with my parents managed to buy a basic laptop.

  •  During my university years, I managed to get a job at a tire web store where I did everything. Graphic work, android development, marketing processes, customer service and I would really list this list to the extreme. I had to go to work next to my college classes every day, but I felt like I couldn’t progress at the pace I wanted in Android development. It was a big decision, but I left this job there and focused more on Android development.

    But I needed money to fund my studies, so I went to work in a factory where I did tape work. I went to work 2-3 times a week after my classes. It was a very strenuous job, but I had time to think about how I want to continue my career.
  • After 6 months, several Hungarian students approached me to teach them Java programming on a weekly basis. Without hesitation, I undertook and finished my factory work. I have become a self-employed person and am still a mentor, as well as creating Android projects for businesses.

All my desires were to be an online content creator and to be able to help larger groups grow. Many times, we just have to find our own way and I try to help the students with that. I created my Instagram page to help anyone interested in Android development.

In 2 years, more than 30,000 developers, designers and viewers have joined the page, which I thank. I get a lot of messages describing that they started learning programming because of me, or I gave strength to perseverance, which feels incredibly good.

I want to continue on this path and spend more time creating content. So I ask for your help. I’m not making a funny video or a gamer video. I try to create content that can help you with learning, your projects, and your development.

Most of my content is available to everyone for free. So if you think it’s worth $1 a month to you, please support me. I welcome and appreciate all support. Encourages further work.

If you want to stay up to date, download the Uigitdev app for Android platform. I'm the first to show new content in the app so you can view it sooner.
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Thank you for reading!
I hope you will continue to benefit from my content.
Good development!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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