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      I am acutely aware of the limited time we get to live.
      It saddens me that this so valuable limited time is spent on pointless matters.

      I am an atheist. Understanding that god does not exist and that god is but only an idea though of extreme importance for humanity. A mistake here has been leading us into catastrophes. Only correct knowledge can guide us to the right path.

      I seek to understand life, why people do what they do. And ultimately help the world find solutions to her biggest problems.
      I share my thoughts, findings, and recommendations at ujnotes.com

      Under Philosophy

      following are the topics covered so far:
      below are the upcoming topics that I will be writing on next:
      • Body
      • Soul
      • Truth
      • Actions : right - wrong and karma
      • Society
      • Compassion
      • Possessions
      • Money
      • Governance
      • Religion
      • Violence
      • War
      • Terrorism
      • Islamic Terrorism
      • ISIS
      0% complete
      Youtube video detailing my understanding of the meaning of the idea of God. How 'God' actually does not exist and how we could realize the idea of God if we understood that "God is only an idea".
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