UKRifter is creating Virtual Reality Gaming Videos

VIP Club

$3 /mo
Occasional access to unpublished content days or perhaps WEEKS before the general public can see it!

Virtual Bling

$10 /mo
VIP Club access + VR wallpaper for your desktop released on a bi-weekly basis.

Monthly Thing-a-me-bobs

$25 /mo
Everything above + on the 1st week of EVERY MONTH a random, signed, 3d printed trinket will be MAILED DIRECT to your address along with a note of thanks and amusing joke. 

Shout Out

$35 /mo
Everything above + a shout out in my next video for you, your company, project, your dog, your mum, whatever you like.


$50 /mo
Everything above + Your name, company, project, picture, etc, featured in the corner of one of my videos. 

Sir / Madam, I Salute You

$100 /mo
Everything above + your name, company, project, etc, thanked at the end of every video. 

Special Guest

$250 /mo
Everything above + 1:1 interview on my channel to discuss your project, love of VR, appreciation of cats, whatever you like.