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Thank you for visiting the Ukulele Zen Patreon Page!  My name is Stu Fuchs and I am a lifelong musician with a 25 year long career.  I've seen first hand how the non-judgmental, meditative and deeply satisfying creative practices I share can greatly improve one's music as well as quality of life.

My goal is not only to help you play with more skill, but to also create a space where you can find your own unique path into music satisfaction. 

By joining as a member of my Patreon Page, you'll not only support my YouTube channel, but also receive some great benefits in exchange for your membership support.


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$50 Tier: All the above PLUS a 30 min private lesson on ZOOM each month

My intention is to make clear, fun and easy-to-follow lessons that satisfy many interests and levels of musical experience. Please join our community and let's learn together!

To browse a spreadsheet with an ever growing list of Ukulele Zen's song tutorials (with links to videos) CLICK HERE



A deep joy, self-satisfaction, inner peace and even healing can be cultivated from a tranquil, non-judgmental home music practice for fun & stress relief.  

I feel incredibly grateful to have performed concerts in amazing concert halls & festivals worldwide, participate in TedX talks, facilitate self-empowering workshops at retreat centers, hospitals, colleges and corporate team building seminars. (more about my backstory below)

All that said, my greatest joys have come from helping others to find a lighter & more joyful journey into music. My passion is share what has helped me grow as a musician and how music practice can be a vehicle for wellness and inner peace.

Maybe not everyone can be a "virtuoso", but we can all find a musical practice that is fun, nourishing and that we can share with others to create joy & community.

My holistic teaching philosophy of "Ukulele Zen" draws from my twenty-five years of experience in the fields of arts to education and healthcare and a sincere, decades long practice of Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation.


Music has always been a source of healing for me.  At the tender age of five I would sneak my Father's classical guitar into the woods so I could mimic the sounds of nature.

It just felt SO GOOD to listen & just be where I am...who I am.  I got my first electric guitar at age 15 and quickly devoured my favorite music at the time (Hendrix, David Gilmour, Van Halen, etc...)  

At age 19 I accidentally brought my electric guitar into a workshop that was being led by jazz master Dave Brubeck & his band.  I innocently asked if I could join in and jam.  

I didn't really understanding just who it was I was asking.  Dave smiled at the punk rock kid in front of him and said "Sure!  Plug in here..."  

There's a long story about the details of that afternoon, however - I'll just say that something powerful was shared & transmitted to me that day by those cats.

Time slowed down.  I felt a TANGIBLE sense of the spirit of music move my fingers for guitar started to play itself!  This "muse" allowed me to improvise effortlessly in ways I could not have practiced! 

That day, I got a real taste of "the nectar" as many masters speak of.  I was hooked.

 was self-taught at first (rock, folk, punk, noise), then put myself through music school for classical training (classical guitar, percussion, harmony), and later studied improvisation with Grammy Winning Cellist/Composer David Darling (Music for

All of this is to say that I know what it's like to have a burning passion to learn music that I have a lifetime experience of studying from a variety of paths: free form exploration, rock n roll passion, classical training, improvisation and world music traditions.  I would summarize it all with this: In the end, it's all about learning to stop & listen without judgement to what is in front of us.  

That can feel like a tall order, especially when we are taught from an early age to compare ourselves to others. I do believe that striving to expand beyond our current abilities is a good thing.  However, to be balanced, patient & compassionate towards ourselves is a more peaceful path - and one that leads to quality without creating more suffering.

That's why it's helpful to take it one moment at a time.  I love to share with others a lighter, more peaceful path towards personalized musical fulfillment. 

I'm a decades-long practitioner of yoga & mindfulness meditation in the Plum Village Tradition of Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. All that means is: I'm "excited about being calm" and that I enjoy breathing in & out very much - returning to the present moment very often where the wonders life are available to us all.

And no - I do not push any belief system on anyone...the practices I share are Universal. The heart-opening fruits of one's continued practice speak for themselves - your own unique experience is honored here.
"Ukulele Zen" is simply a lighthearted & compassionate teaching style - super fun jamming integrated with assessable practices from yoga and meditation.  


I've shared these for decades at ukulele festivals & clubs (click here for a detailed list), and as a teaching artist offering school assemblies & teaching residencies; for prisoners, developmentally disabled adults, and even Fortune 500 executives. For eight years I taught guitar as adjunct professor of Music at Canisius College in Buffalo NY

It was truly an honor to offer the healing power of music & creative expression was shared for over six years as I worked as a professional artist-in residence at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY.  Every day, I offered healing music & meditations for cancer patients, their families and hospital staff.  In 2014 I was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to compose healing music for and with those patients and perform them.

For nine years I played lead guitar in an award-winning Django Reinhardt style Gypsy Jazz Band "Babik" (Bah-Beek).  We had the pleasure of performing at clubs & festivals across the USA , featured guest on NPR's "The World" and winning and performing our own orchestral arrangements with several Symphony Orchestras.

I toured the world to major concert halls with renowned sacred chant artist Snatam Kaur for over three years.  Her angelic voice & meditative music is enjoyed by yogis across the globe - we performed on three continents to thousands of people, uplifting them with her message of love & service.  I recorded & composed guitar parts on her 2019 Best New Age Grammy Nominated Album "Beloved".

More about me and my work can be found at my website

Namaste...All Blessings...Let's Jam!

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