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- Every month you are part of a raffle for a surprise gift
per month

- Every month you are part of a raffle for a surprise gift
- You get access to the private patreon area with exclusive pictures of the "new frontiers" series - finished + colored photographs, that will not be posted on other social media
- one poster a year from one of my photographs (will become active after 6 month)
- 1 b/w print/year (will become active after 12 months)

per month

- Every month you are part of a raffle for a surprise gift
- You get access to the private patreon area with exclusive pictures of the "new frontiers" series - finished colored photographs, that will not be posted on other social media
- one poster a year from one of my photographs (will become active after 6 month)
- behind the scenes material with process pictures, videos and tutorials about my dark room work and travels to photo shootings
- you will be involved in the creative and decision making process - for example which negative should be printed

- 10% discount on my pictures
- twice a year you will receive a 24x30cm hand printed fiber base picture of one of my current pictures in black and white (1 picture valid after 6 months)




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About Ulrich Mannchen

Hey guys, I am a photographers living in Germany. I am specialized on analog black and white portraits and I am working with medium, but mainly large format cameras (4x5").

I develop my own film and print on fiber based silver gelatin paper in the dark room. 

Even though I am working with black and white film, the current project I am working on is in color. After enlarging a b/w print in the dark room, I am hand coloring the print with oil colors. This technique was very popular before color film was invented. However still to this day, its unique in its character, colors and style. 
Why all the work if you could just take pictures with a digital camera or at least color film? Well as mentioned this way offers results in brilliance and quality that are unbeatable by digital prints and has  a character that can not be found in color film photography. Its a one of a kind art and a technique used by the old masters, with all its richness and craftsmanship. 

I am a big child at heart and I love the geek culture, fairytales and adventures. Due to that I am creating a photo series of Cosplayers, Steampunks and Lolita fashion styles.

More infos and pictures on my website: Ulrich Mannchen Photography

Why Patreon?

I experienced growth in my photography by simply doing it, continuously pursuing it and trying to solve challenge after challenge and I could not have done it without people on my side, who gave me feedback, encouragement and especially insight, know how and experience. I am a firm believer that iron sharpens iron and that I would not be where I am right now with my photography, if I would´t have had those fellow photographers, collectors and artists that I met along my way.

I have this patreon, in order to share my experience and work process and establish a community that is passionate about photography.

The second reason, why I have this patreon is the "House of Photography". I am working on establishing a place in Nürnberg Germany by September 2016, that serves as a home to photographers, who want to live in community and harvest all the benefits of pursuing their dreams with mind like people. Imagine the Hobbit. Frodo alone would not have cut it, he needed the fellowship. I am part of the founding team of the "Photography School Master Class", which will launch in September. More information are on the website: School of Photography Master Class

This requires time, finances and of course some love. Through this patreon I am able to receive financial backup, that allows me to pour into the "House of Photography" and establish this home for photographers.


What do you get out of it and why becoming a Patron?

- you are part of building the "House of Photography" in Nürnberg and of course always welcome to visit, hang out or even stay for a while

- You are a member of the Mannchen gang

- Be part of my journey of creating the series. I will share with you the process with detailed information about:
- the chemicals
- film development
- enlarging and print development
- post processing like retouching, mounting, coloring, toning and varnishing prints
- behind the scenes videos from photo shootings and dark room sessions
- google hangout sessions, where we can exchange stories about photography, but also treasures of experience and knowledge - we could call it tales of the dark room, or something like this

You should become a patron if

- you simply love, appreciate or support the art and work I am doing
- you want to be part of a community that is passionate about photography, especially analog black and white photography. Its like a clan or club, with special perks if you are a member right?! I like that ;)
- if you love cosplay, steampunk or the Lolita fashion and you want to see this project being finished
- if you want to get a look behind the scenes of Ulrich Mannchen´s photography or if you want to be part of this journey
- you want to see the "House of Photography" established
- you want to grow in your art - iron sharpens iron. Lets walk this path together

Can it get even better? Yes it can!

I am a part and big time supporter of a movement called "people not poverty". This enables people in developing countries to get out of living in extreme poverty. The resources for this, are being provided by different artists all over the world. I did a photo project on one specific project of this movement, called "Pillalu". It is a children home in India and you can find more information here: Pillalu
However 25% of my sales go directly into this project as well as 10% of the money that comes together through my patreon.

$10 of $1,200 per month
Gotta catch em all - 40 portraits of Cosplayers, Steampunks and Lolitas. The goal is to create an exhibition with high quality silver gelatin prints in order to reflect and present this beautiful culture and craftsmanship. In order to achieve this goal, I will need the right equipment and tools and I will have to travel a lot as well. It is a ton of work, but I believe its worth it. The people I meet are inspiring, passionate people, who invest so much time, money and love into their costumes and fashion. I want to honor that passion, by giving it the platform of the art of the old masters craftsmanship - analog silver gelatin prints, developed and enlarged in the dark room.

House of Photography - Establishing a home for photographers to live in community to grow their skills and passion.
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