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Thank you so much! Every dollar helps, as unlikely as it seems. There are no benefits for this tier other than knowing that Beowulf loves you very, very much.


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Why, thank you! This is incredibly generous of you, even if it doesn't seem so. And hey! This is the first tier that offers benefits! Giving me 5 dollars a month will earn you a sneak peek of pages, scripts and WIPs before the next update!


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I'll be honest; I'm extremely stoked that you'd give me 10 dollars a month for my work, it really means a lot. On top of receiving a big ole Beowulf Smooch Supreme™, you'll not only get all the benefits of lower tiers but also access to uncolored pages of Ultor that you can spruce up with your coloring skills! You'll be able to vote/request which pages should be available, so if this sounds like something for you... Well, what are you waiting for?




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Hi! Oh, wow, you're here. Okay gimme a sec... Is this thing on? Okay!

Hey! Welcome to Beo's Patreon page! If you're here then you probably know about Ultor, my current webcomic project, and you are most likely here to try and support me (or just taking a look?), just the fact you are considering it is making me a bit teary eyed...

At any rate, giving me a lil' something on here would absolutely be a 100% appreciated! I mean who doesn't like money! Still, I wont let you give me money and not offer something in exchange; check out my rewards list, give it some thought and if you decide to support me, then I'll come over and smooch you right on the face. If you want that.
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Every time this patreon reaches another 20 generous donators, I'll add another tier! Higher tiers will come with more benefits, and althought I have some planned already, maybe you guys can suggest/request some rewards! That way I know what you guys are interested in ;0c

When I reach 20 patreons, I'll add the Cyclops tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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