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About umsoea

In 2018/19 I started creating YouTube videos about Sonic Ether's "Ray-Tracing" shader
 SEUS PTGI. To showcase it's features in the best way, I created my own textures/models. Some of the videos went viral and slowly the whole "Minecraft Raytracing" thing started to gain popularity. 
A playlist with some of the videos can still be found here.
and a gallery with my favorite screenshots here (zoom in).

I do not create a "resource-pack" for playing Minecraft.  I'd consider myself a 3D Artist, who happens to use Minecraft as rendering software. I try to create realistic, good looking videos and screenshots.

Why did you unlist/delete your videos?
Because I think they are misleading. A lot of people expected that I create a "resource-pack" for playing Minecraft - that works on all versions - has every block textured and is compatible with all their favorite mods and shaders. I can't and don't want to do that, but I understand why people assumed that. This whole project got a bit too "viral" and left me scared/confused.

Public downloads and a full guide to replicate my videos can be found here
You should become a patron mainly to support me and this project - Not just to get access to files! - Me and Sonic Ether both have "charge up-front" disabled for this reason. You only get charged if you are a patron at the turn of the month.

I create my Textures 100% from scratch - I take my own photos, create my own 3D models, ...   Here on Patreon I also post "behind-the-scenes" content, where I talk about the process of creating the Textures/Models. 

I love spending ridiculous amounts of time working on something seemingly useless as one single Texture/Model.   I'm only able to do this with the support from my Patreon Community.

Thank you so much for your support!  Let's see what's possible with this game!

Join my discord server:
Feel free to message me on discord, or send me an email:    [email protected]

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