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About Tetiana Aleksina & Tony Single

Free Tati. Free Tony. Free Button.

Liberate them from the shackles of workaday existence.

Unbolt them.

Who are we?

Dear Reader, we're Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single, two nut jobs who run the poetry/prose blog (asylum) Unbolt Me and the webcomic Crumble Cult.

Sigh. Okay, let's start again.

We're Tetiana Aleksina, Tony Single and Button Tetianovich, two nut jobs and one stuffed President who run the poetry/prose blog (asylum) Unbolt Me and the webcomic Crumble Cult.

Button, if memory serves, you were a President at one time. Have you had a career advancement?

Button, we suppose the proletariat doesn't give two hoots about gods or presidents anymore. You must accept this unvarnished truth! You're not a dollar bill that can be liked by everybody.

Be that as it may, we still need to get to the point of this introduction.

So... we're Tetiana Aleksina, Tony Single and Button Tetianovich, two nut jobs and one stuffed cutie who run the poetry/prose blog (asylum) Unbolt Me and the webcomic Crumble Cult.

What do we do?

We like writing and drawing and generally creating things, and it appears that you, Dear Reader, also like that we do this. We would not have persisted with Unbolt Me and Crumble Cult without the generous, continued interest of you and so many others. We're very grateful!

So, please, do keep visiting our blogs and reading everything that is on offer. We update Unbolt Me multiple times a week with fresh content, which means you'll never get bored. Even Crumble Cult gets a little love! There will always be a new poem, a new story, or a new comic—basically anything we can think of that may entertain you. Everything is absolutely free, and always will be.

TATI: Who's talking here? Tony, do you hear something?

TONY: Nope. Tati, have you forgotten that I'm deaf?

TATI: My ears are playing tricks on me. I thought I heard some squeaks.

TONY: Never mind.

Why should you, Dear Reader, care?

Well... you shouldn't, naturally.

If we fed you guff about needing money to save the ozone layer, or to protest over domestic violence, or to collect signatures for the protection of Siberian tigers, we'd be liars.

(Although it doesn't mean we don't care about domestic violence against tigers with stress-related flatulence which can have quite an adverse effect on the ozone layer. Everything's connected, you see...)

Even though we're pretty sensitive souls, our bodies are pretty materially-minded. So, let's start from the very bottom of Maslow's hierarchy of needs... (We promise we don't need private yachts, planes and islands!)

Quiet, Button. We're asking for money here. Don't interrupt! (What kind of god needs money anyway?)

And we're feeling a bit awkward. Trying to sound easygoing and nice isn't easy. So, it would be better if you were less... obnoxious, okay? Show a bit more care for our situation!

Fine. If you're a real god, create money from a rib. Go on. We dare you!

Create a rib then. You're god, aren't you?

Okay, now that you're quiet, let us continue!

Dear Reader, to cut a long story short, we're asking for your help. If you enjoy what we do, and if you believe in us, then we'd love for you to be our Patron and support us financially. You'll get a free comic strip every month. Woohoo!

Other than that, we won't be offering any rewards or set tiers, but you most certainly will garner our undying gratitude! And you can pay as much or as little as you want, or pay nothing if you don't think we've earned it. Again, our content will always be free. We'll never hide it behind a paywall, or hold a gun to its head and ask for ransom money.

We hope by now that we've proven Unbolt Me and Crumble Cult are here to stay. Our sites are no mere hobby. They haven't been slapped together on a whim, and nor do we intend to abandon either of them to the wolves. We have big plans, and our conquest of the known Universe is only the first step. There's so much more!

We're going to write many cool novels. Comic books too. Tati firmly intends to get a Nobel prize in literature. (Tony firmly intends to stop drooling in his sleep.) And this will happen—it's only a matter of time. With your support however, it could well happen sooner rather than later.

Thank you, Button. We were struggling with the last line.
$59.73 of $100 per month
Help us to devote all of our time and energy on Unbolt Me, Crumble Cult and various other projects!

In 2020, we would like to transition from our day jobs to blogging and writing full time, to doing nothing but creating more content for you, our Dear Readers. We want to be able to focus solely on our websites, and on a handful of publishing ventures that we have in the works. We're excited about what we do, and would love to continue doing it!

You may be wondering why we've set the tiny amount of $100 per month as our goal. Can this really be enough for two people to make a living on? Are we elves living in a nest, subsisting on cone firs and sun beams alone?

Of course, you're right to wonder. We aren't. We could set a more realistic amount... say, $5,000 or more. But we do understand that such a goal would be a long way off, and is not at all realistic in the short term. In short, we like to reach our goals. It inspires us when we do. So, we've decided to start from a more modest amount, and to focus on reaching this as our first, small milestone on that long road towards our big, bold dream!

In the meantime, we'll continue to offer you our comics, art, writings and endless devotion over at Unbolt Me and Crumble Cult for absolutely nothing. Fabulous deal, yes?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 130 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 130 exclusive posts

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