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is creating Tapletop rpg writing, mobile apps for tabletop games, rpg games
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About Unboxed Games: Bianca Savazzi | Freelancing game designer

Hello and Welcome to Unboxed Games! 

My name is Bianca Savazzi, I work as a freelance game/tech designer and writer. 
After almost 5 years in the game industry, I decided to switch to freelancing full time to gain more control over my work hours and make room for developing my own ideas.

And that's where my Patreon comes in!

The money I earn here will go to financing my projects, and you get to be part of the development journey! 

Active Projects

NPC Generator & Manager: A Tabletop RPG tool

Platform: Android, possibly PC (web-based)
Dev Environment: Unity
A tool for tabletop RPGs: A NPC generator and manager! No more losing paper notes!
It can be used on the fly during a session or beforehand. 

Patreon Rewards

Voting and contributing ideas

On occasions, I may sometime ask my patrons to contribute with voting on something for my projects. This can be what to name characters, or voting for what colours to use, and so on.

I can’t guarantee how often this will happen and for what, but I’ll try to notify in advance when I want to host a poll.

Part of the Credits

You get listed in the credits section of the games and tools I make. After a month of support, your name is listed according to your tier after the following update.
You will need to provide me with what name you want to be in the credits (and the standard community guidelines applies for this as well)! If no name or an inappropriate one is provided, then it won't be in the credits!

Project Priority Voting

Every month there'll be a vote where Patreons gets to voice their opinions on what project and what area deserves some more love the next month.

Community Posts

As a patron, you will be able to publish your own posts in the “Post” section. This can be featuring your own art or videos of Myth of Pangea. Please note that posts that doesn't follow the community guidelines may get deleted and a warning will be sent to the author of the post. 

Q & A

Why should I donate?

Making games is expensive, especially when you need a team that can help out in different areas, like art or music. I believe that my co-workers deserve money for their work and software licenses don't come cheap either. Nor does food or rent… I'll write up an expenses list for each project I work on so you can see where your donated money goes!

As a freelancer, you're always going to prioritise paying projects. By being a Patreon Supporter of my own projects means that I'll be able to work more on them rather than chasing after other gigs.

I like the products but I can’t afford to donate any money…

The best thing you can do to support the development without spending any money is to use the product as well as spread the word.
$0 of $50 per month
50$ per month means I can comfortably afford the monthly subscription fee for the software I use to create mock-ups and can save up for the more expensive costs.
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