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Current Project:
My Catgirl Maid Thinks She Runs the Place" is a slice of life comedy where the title pretty much covers what's going to happen. It stars a catgirl named Cynthia who becomes your maid in exchange for getting to live in your apartment. Aside from her being secretive about her past, you quickly discover she's not that great of a maid. But she tries hard damn it!

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Bug Reporting
If you have a bug to report, feel free to leave a comment or make a post. Or you can email me here if that works better: [email protected]

Features (Future and Present):
Episodic Release - It's going to be released in chapters with 12 planned to feel like a season of anime.
Eroge/Ecchi Content - It will tap dance the line between fanservice and romance to create a lighthearted comedy with a heart.
Growing Cast of Characters - It starts with your main character and Cynthia but as the chapters come out, I hope to be able to expand and bring many weird and excitable characters into the story.
Lots of Art - As funding increasing, I'll be able to add CG scenes for not only the fanservice moments but also for some of the comedy.

Writer: Uncle Artie
Sprites/CGs: rue
Backgrounds: tanuma-san
Editor: Margo Sinclaire
UI: M.
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Previous Projects:
The Rest of Our Lives (90s Style Porn Parody with Interracial Sex) (2hr Linear VN)

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