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Bulbasaur is #1 for a Reason
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 For those that are nurturing and like seeing little seeds grow. Small stones make a castle and I'm draw-ping the bridge cuz these doors are open for ya

What Did the 5 Fingers Say to the Face?
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A little bit can go a long way. Donors will receive a single character or request of their choosing head and ink only.

You Sawed My Boat in Half!
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While it may or may not seem like much to you, it certainly means a lot to me. Donors receive a full body character or request of their choosing ink only




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About Daniel Joseph

I'm a local artist in Orlando, FL that's looking to become a storyboard artist or free lance illustrator. You can usually find me in bars organizing drink and draw events for local artists. I personally enjoy high fantasy and fanart in my spare time but I love making content of all kinds. If you would like to support my goal in becoming an artist I would greatly appreciate it and would love to give you something in return.

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