is creating short stories, poetry and other textual arts
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It's the smallest amount you could donate, but it goes an enormous way towards helping me carve out the time and space I need for my writing. For each person who pledges $1 or more, I will:
  • I’ll share work-in-progress writings with you, and get your input on ideas I’m mulling over.
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To the first patron supporter who pledges $5, a signed copy of jaw meditation, my limited edition chapbook. Published in 2002 by housepress in an edition of 60 handbound & numbered copies. A true collectors item. I will also give you a personal shoutout via my social media channels telling everyone I know how awesome you are.
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If you decide that you really like my writing and would like to pledge $10 per month for the writing that I release just for my patrons, I will write something personal based on a theme or topic provided by you.




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About uncollecting

my goals here are simple...

expose my art to a wider audience of appreciative individuals

set personal goals to develop and release the extended text of a long poem that i have been working on sporadically for 10+ years

receive feedback and inspiration from a larger community

to this end, i will initially be releasing segments of the existing work to set the tone of what you may come to expect from my work

this will be interspersed with snippets of artistic play, collaborations with my far more artistic partner and other friends, and random thoughts about art, writing, etc

any support that you wish to give will be most appreciated

my background includes the founding of a nationally recognized literary magazine - filling Station - where i acted as the managing editor and lead of the poetry collective for several years

i have performed my work to small and large audiences across western canada in festival halls, theatres, cafes, pubs and night clubs both solo and as part of various performance groups

i am most inspired by the spontaneous collaborations that can occur between artists and the creativity of others
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Every writer needs time and space to do the heavy lifting that a close edit of a manuscript or long work requires. Summer 2018, I hope to attend a 2-week residency at the Mineral School in Mineral, WA. Not only do these types of residencies allow for the concentrated time to complete large projects, but it also introduces my work to new communities and opens up more opportunities to support myself fully as an artist and writer.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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