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My name is David Williams.
You can call me KOVA. (KOVA stands for K.nowledge Of V.itality A.utomatically)
I am owner of Hip Hop Yoga company UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES,
co-creative director of UltraCultural Others Urban Mystery School in New York City, and teaching artist at BEAT GLOBAL (Bridging Education and Art Together)
Speaking of bridging. I grew up in Lower Manhattan Manhattan in the neighborhood called "Two bridges" (The Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridges) and my role as the "dancer of reconciliation" and "Urban Shaman" allow me to work closely with visionary artists.
Through our connection we get to share our authentic expression, creativity and anthology of work so that they we no longer are dependent on menial odd jobs that deter from traveling, having more control over life, and doing what we love.
My yung Shaman's often say my speciality is combining Hip Hop and Yogic principles to create a safe space called a “cypha" where they get to be confident in overcoming any obstacles they are facing, using words to weave spells into reality, and embodying their creative visions and purpose in life.
I now work with youth facing time in prison, as well as youth ages 3 years old teaching yoga, body awareness and mindfulness. I am here to raise the vibration of the planet through my own happiness and joy and help women and children do the same with a dope clan of wise elders and fathers who I'd like to call my neighbors.
I have also had the opportunity to recently:

● Be the producer & DJ/MC host for ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS New Moon Wellness Ritual Dream Beat, a monthly substance-free gathering 2016-current
● Produce original score for major national advertising campaign
● Share my 10 years of professional experience while teaching Hip Hop Yoga in diverse K12 NYC classroom, libraries in the Bronx and underserved communities through out New York, and Lower Manhattan’s first Waldorf Education School
● Created community outreach programs and events that promoted environmental awareness in NYC public libraries and parks
● Empowered diverse groups of students to create original music, artwork, lyrics and video
● Holistic Hip Hop workshops/performances for large-scale outdoor holistic arts wellness festivals including Unifier (MA), Elements (Bronx) & True Nature (Thailand)
Additionally, I have a specialty in meditation and yoga, specifically how to facilitate a feeling of well-being and awareness that helps inspire the love and respect for others.

I am here to inspire visionary artists to share their anthology of work and live fully self expressed.
So that they no longer depend on menial jobs that can’t support their love to travel and live their highest purpose.
I’ve been underneath the radar for a long time. (I am now at a point where I have been helping so many people uncover their greatness that it is time to reveal and uncover my own)
For the past 3 years, I’ve quietly been building my consulting business – working with clients, traveling abroad, and maintaining my home, family, and presence in my community through non profit work here in New York City. I've done this with my own business and as a teaching artist with local and global businesses such as SUPERMOON ART SPACE and BEATGLOBAL.

What was the reasoning behind this?

I was gaining the experience and the ability to translate how I help others feel courageous, confident and grounded in the now.
So that they could naturally manifest the vitality and focus it takes to stay the course when following their dreams.
I only told a select few who were on my private email list, what I was doing.

At this point in time I am super grateful and excited to let you know that I am opening up my consultation business right now during this auspicious PINK FULL MOON. (Because of amazing results that I offer- my clients are fully committed to focusing on manifesting their highest purpose with me for three months)

So, here’s why I’m writing to you...

I have opened a few spaces for new clients.
The visionary artists I work with are rapidly approaching their 30s (and some have been on this journey for a little while longer) and they are already COMPLETELY over giving their power away to low paying gigs and dead end jobs.
They are on this earth to bring equality to the world and step into their highest calling as stewards and philanthropists of the planet. Because most of their focus goes to managing their energy, time and money, they rarely have anything left after their hard work to devote to spiritual hygiene and their creative visions.

My neybas realize there is more for them and their lives and they are finally ready to take control and make the decisions needed to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Here are a few of the results you can expect when working with me:
*Gain a new network of neighbors who respect and encourage your authentic expression.
By unlocking your authentic expression you naturally share your anthology of work.
* Understanding how to skillfully utilize the 5 Elements of Holistic Hip Hop Yoga TM.
Be equipped to courageously freestyle rhyme to the sacred rhythm of your heart to heal yourself and others.
*Become someone who is self reliant, focused and financially free. Confidently connect with ideal clients and secure meaningful purpose driven work.
* Plus a lot of support, accountability, compassion, and (when needed) tough love!

By being a Patreon of KOVA you will:
  • Receive original music and New DJ set weekly
  • Be apart of the inner circle think tank
  • See behind the scenes sneak peek photos and raw and uncut videos
  • Be the first to hear announcements and receive the monthly Ezine updates
  • Gain Backstage Access to private events
  • Learn more Tutorials and breakdowns of Hip Hop Yoga Lesson plans, DJ sets, Lyrics and Music creations
  • Downloads to raw files and resources
  • Hang out with me intimately video chat
You will be able to give input and share in the development of each song I create, each lesson plan I write, each event I plan, soundtracks I produce. This really helps me grow as a creative for the whole community. This is our opportunity to really connect and build together and turn this from a one man show into a full on enterprise with global reach using publishing, the internet, broadcast and video.

  • Your support helps KOVA create high vibrational soundscapes that take people on a journey through original eclectic beats mantras and remixes.

  • Your support helps KOVA remix and produce hi-vibe electronic reggae, soul, hip hop and dance beats for monthly wellness rituals which draw together creative (radical) visionaries, conscious parents and young ones for community healing, divine incantation, song, dance, cultural dreaming, drums and the linking of magic to everyday Life.

  • Your support helps KOVA create music and content that inspires and empowers all types of creatives to practice healthy lifestyles and uncover their optimal greatness. Illuminating your passions, intentions and causes as a patreon in this way will help you move through resistance and let go of self doubt with ease.

  • Your support helps KOVA create lesson plans and video tutorials that assist other creatives and artists to help our youth in having a more centered and relaxed body and mind.
What We'll Use the Money For

Our initial goal is $3,000/month. This total plus income from our various hip hop yoga teaching endeavors, wellness events and retreats will keep KOVA sustainable in NYC. Right now, we’re creating art in a state of political urgency in a world that does not value the labor of artists, healers and visionary change-makers. We’re taking risks to shift the paradigm and your contribution large or small helps our family eat, pray and love. We’re also envisioning the future and the global expansion of your hip hop yoga enterprise, including offering fully funded residencies for artists at our Urban Mystery Skool in lower Manhattan, mass-producing our Hip Hop Kids Yoga curriculum, bringing thousands of people to our wellness events and travelling around the world to share our gifts fully.

Here are KOVA costs:
  • MailChimp. Upleveling our Mailchimp service to access more fans with convenience and ease of use.
  • Ongoing web development. Hiring an official web-developer to provide a reliable and professional polished website detailing all of our events, services, mission and vision
  • Video editing. Hiring a talented videographer with decent editing and social media skills on deck with a GoPro who will capture all of our events, performances, workshops and happenings at home and abroad. This offers our growing international online community a bird’s eye view of the magic we’re making instantaneously through short clips and videos posted regularly online 
  • Facebook post "boosts" When we release new social media content on Instagram of Facebook it immediately gets included in 1/3 to 1/2 of our Facebook followers' News Feeds.
  • Me. I’m a householder with a beautiful family and growing 2 year old son that needs all the love, resources and material support I can provide and more. 
  • Portable Amplified System JBL EON206P | PA System 160W Powered Mixer by JBL http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01F1P2HKY/ref=cm_sw_r... via 
  • One employee. We need extra hands and hearts to handle things like social media marketing and the whole range of small business upkeep. This will free me up to do the real creative work that I am most good, nurture positive community networks in real time and raise our son. 

That's the basics. With those pieces covered, KOVA can support itself.

Thank you once again for any support you can offer if you decide to, and thanks for being a Undakova Patreon.

If you’re like me, you want to seed the labor of creative innovators producing the visionary art that will shape our future. Personally, I support some of my beloved brothers, fellow MCs that inspire what I do and challenge me to work harder and smarter. Each one teach one, patreons can be mutually supportive of one another’s craft - that’s the beautiful thing. Let’s build enlightened, creative communities that offer grassroots support for artists to sustain long and viable careers up against great odds. Some of the artists I support on PATREON include:

Self Suffice, SUM and JBRAVE
are brothers, friends, fathers, plant based diet eaters and conscious change maker for the new paradigm just like me.
12 of 21 patrons
With your contribution, we will raise $1000 that will allow us to independently write, record, mix, master, and release a new song packed with positivity compassion and exciting energy that you can enjoy for the rest of your life whenever the radio Is failing to provide what you need!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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