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Every dollar counts, and I hope to show that. This tier nets yo:
  • Discord roles on both servers (It may take a while to show up on Spiral Framework, apologies! If it takes more than a day, please message me your Discord name and I'll fix it up)
  • Access to the Patron Plaza, a place for discussion and updates about the EternalBox; find out what's happening before the general public!
  • A place on a list of contributors
  • Beta access
  • Priority access for support
  • Access to my musings on here
Includes Discord benefits


per month
Feeling like investing in my work a bit more? This is the tier for you!
This tier is where I'm trialing out some more experimental features, but it's generally a closer circle than most.

You'll have access to the Supporter Suite, a closed category on the EternalBox server where I post things like changelogs for the backend that I'm using, as well as the actual binaries that I use.

If you're interested, I'll also be providing access to the Grafana instance I have set up, which shows indepth analytics about the state of the service.

(INCOMPLETE, UNKNOWN ETA) In time, I'll also be adding a prioritised line of traffic for users on this tier, meaning that they'll have access to the EternalBox even when it's slow for others.

(INCOMPLETE, UNKNOWN ETA, STILL WORKING OUT THE DETAILS) I'll also be working on a version of the Eternal Jukebox that works in Discord servers! Subscribing at this tier means you'll have guaranteed access to a VIP version of this bot that runs as often as I can keep it up. 

If you're thinking about subscribing mainly due to either of those last two tiers, please give me a PM on Discord at UnderMybrella#4076 so I can talk about timelines with you.
Includes Discord benefits


per month
You're called healers because you heal my heart and my wallet <3

This tier gives you access to the Healer Hotel, where I'll post indev builds of the projects I'm working on, such as the Local EternalBox. Generally, if I'm posting status updates here, I'll be posting indev builds to this category, but feel free to ping me if I don't!

This area generally functions as a closer form of communication with me, so I'm more than happy to talk with anyone here. If people would be interested in occasional streams, that'll be limited to this role. Feedback from these gems is given a higher priority as well, due to their investment in the project.

You can also get a custom role + colour at this tier if that's something you're interested in <3

To summarise this tier, since it's a bit different:
  • Close communication with me and other devs, if I ever get them
  • Indev builds as I work on projects, including of the upcoming rewrite. 
    • I'll most likely try and set up a way to access this as I test it as well, before anyone else gets ahold of it 👀
  • Custom role + colour
  • Possible streams of dev work? If people are interested
  • All previous rewards too obviously!
  • Let me know if there's anything else you'd be interested in <3
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About Brella

For those of you who don't know me, I go by the handle of UnderMybrella in most communities, and I'm responsible for a few big projects, such as Spiral Framework (A modding framework for the Danganronpa series), the EternalBox (A rehosting of the Infinite Jukebox to work with Spotify), and a few smaller projects and libraries.

Unfortunately, these projects require both a considerable amount of time to work on, as well as a fair bit of money to host, collectively. The total collective cost for projects comes down to around $160 per month, which in the interest of transparency can be broken down as follows:
  • EternalBox VMs - $6.25 * 5 ~ $32.5
  • Cloud Storage ~ $8.52
  • Cloud SQL ~ $8.68
  •  Bandwidth ~ $124.76

NOTE: I am currently performing system architectural changes that will vastly change these costs (hopefully lowering them). Stay tuned~

At the moment, I am funding all of these personally, which I was prepared to do. However, due to personal situations that possibility is running slim. I fully intend to keep these services alive for as long as possible, and the best way to do that is with community help.

I will note - at no point, short of catastrophic circumstances which I will attempt to note prior, will standard features ever be locked behind a paywall. These projects started out free and I intend to keep them that way for as long as feasibly possible. If worst comes to worst, bandwidth or resource intensive activities may be limited, but as long as possible they will remain as they are.

All patrons will get a special role on the Spiral Framework server and the Eternal Jukebox server, which is a separated orange role that grants access to a private channel category. In addition, if you connect your Patreon account, you'll get a badge on your profile in the Eternal Jukebox.

I know that's a lot to read, but thank you for reading, and an extra thank you if you pledge. Every little bit counts, and it's greatly appreciated.
$199.01 of $200 per month
I'll look into hosting a public version of my upcoming EternalBot. Note: This tier may disappear if it ends up being too much to host, and if so I'll let all backers know ahead of time.
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