Unicorn Dreams Cosplay is creating Visual Art

Feed the Unicorn

$2 /mo
For the price of a cup of coffee you'll get jack-all, not even a cup of coffee... I might get a cup of coffee though so thanks!

Sponsor the Unicorn

$10 /mo
This tier provides you with even less for more money. I would say it would give you access to my twitch or youtube accounts where I'll wear low cut tops and bounce around making some shit but none ...

Frolick with the Unicorn

$20 /mo
Wanna see me mostly naked and pretending that this qualifies as cosplay? Find another account... I'm just a poor starving unicorn with no energy for frolicking... I need gum drops and sherbet to su...

Unicorn Nirvana

$50 /mo
*Arranges video chat reward*

"I'm sorry but this unicorn cannot come to the phone right now, due to your generous donation she's out drinking gin and partying. Please try again never."