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• A million allowances worth of quarters (ok, maybe just four) that you can use to Gamble With Quarters in SCP-914
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You keep this Site operational. Without you, some SCPs will breach containment and lives will be lost.

• All of the above
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• A radio to call for help as you cower in a corner
• A flashlight to see the scary things in the dark
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Chaos Insurgency
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 You're a madman. You could be at home living a normal life. Instead, you're infiltrating Sites in an attempt to liberate SCPs. A just cause I suppose.

•  All of the above

• If you miss the monthly meeting, you can request a private meeting with other Chaos Insurgency and up that missed it


•  Spawn in with every wave of Chaos Insurgency and Nine-Tailed Fox

•  A flashlight to help you see that that dark hallway (oh I guess it's red now) 

•  A Weapon Manager Tablet to mod your unmoddable Logicer

•  A P90 because the Logicer is bad

•  An Epsilon-11 Standard Rifle that you stole off an MTF Commander's dead body

• If you escape as a Facility Guard, you are promoted to an NTF Cadet

•  Go get'em Rambo

Includes Discord benefits




Unigamia.com is the acronym for the Universal Gaming Alliance, a gaming organization founded in 2008 as the governing organization for our four Counter-Strike: Source servers (Normal/Surf, Zombie Mod, GunGame, and Jailbreak). Since then, we've hosted Left 4 Dead servers, Left 4 Dead 2 servers, many Minecraft servers (vanilla and Feed the Beast), a few Terraria servers, several Garry's Mod servers, and an ARK: Survival Evolved server.

Right now, our current servers are Magnets and Waffles ( and six SCP:SL (SCP: Secret Laboratory) servers:

Unigamia.com #1 [BREACH] - scp1.unigamia.com:7777
Unigamia.com #2 [ERP] - scp1.unigamia.com:7778
Unigamia.com #3 [RP] - scp2.unigamia.com:7777
Unigamia.com #4 [MEMES] - scp2.unigamia.com:7778
Unigamia.com #5 [SRSRP] - scp3.unigamia.com:7777
Unigamia.com #6 [MEMESTERS] - scp3.unigamia.com:7778
Unigamia.com #7 [EXP] - scp4.unigamia.com:7777
Unigamia.com #8 [???] - scp4.unigamia.com:7778
80% complete
We were in the red coming out of 2018, and if we reach this goal then we will be able to pay off our debt and get back on track to expanding our servers!
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