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Wow, wow! Thanks for your huge contribution. You’re essentially covering the costs of two articles a year on Universe Today. With your support, we can attend more events, and cover more news. We can shoot more video, and you can feel secure in the knowledge that you're making it happen.

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You’re seriously supporting the writing of news, the recording of podcasts, and the shooting of videos. A year’s worth of your support covers about a week of our server hosting. Awesome.

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About Fraser Cain

Universe Today is reporting and education about space and astronomy.  

Universe Today has been reporting space and astronomy news since 1999, and thanks to your help, we're just getting started. 

Back when I started the website, the mainstream media did a terrible job covering space and astronomy news, reducing content to the lowest common denominator.

Since we started, we have published more than 20,000 articles, recorded hundreds of podcasts and videos. 
We have always covered our costs through advertising, but now there's a better way: membership. Instead of writing articles to appeal to the needs of advertisers, we can create educational material and news for you, the super space fan directly.
If you're willing to join us. You'll be directly contributing to the creation of space and astronomy content. We can afford more in-depth interviews, longer videos, and higher production values across everything we do.

It's handled all here, through Patreon.

Remove all Ads from Universe Today
Once you become a patron at any level, we'll remove all the advertising from Universe Today for you. The site will load faster and you won't see any distracting advertisements. Just you and the space news.

And if we get enough patrons, we'll remove all advertising, for everyone, forever.

Join the Inner Circle, See Additional Content
We're constantly adding new behind-the-scenes content to our patrons, like extended interviews, blooper reels, and production updates. You'll get all our videos a few days early, just so you can be guaranteed to be first in the comments on YouTube.

Join the Inner-Inner Circle, Join our Discord Server
Like to chat with other space fans? As soon as you join our Patreon, you'll be automatically signed up with our Discord Server. This is one of the best ways to talk directly with me.

Serious About Space?
If you're like us, you are. Click the button below and become a Patron of Universe Today 

I already donated to Universe Today! All current UT members are now patrons, which gets the ads removed from Universe Today. If you came on then, your one-time donation still gives you a lifetime of ad-free enjoyment of Universe Today.

If you want to up your participation to a higher tier and reap additional benefits... you can do that too.
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With this level of support, we can run the site without any advertising at all. And honestly, we would love to transition away from an ad supported model to a direct member model. Not only will the site be ad-free for you, but it'll be clean of ads for EVERYONE. 

With this level of support, we could shoot videos, write articles, record podcasts, using only the contributions from our members.

The site would load faster, children researching their school projects wouldn't have to see any ads, and people could win their bar-bets, ad free.

It would be a beautiful thing, and you'd be happy in the knowledge that you made it happen.
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