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I'm the publisher of Universe Today

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Custom Music
$2,000 per Month
It's hard to comprehend space without soaring orchestral background music. We'll work with a musician to get some soundtracks built for videos, software and podcasts.
Four part series
$3,000 per Month
Once we cross this line, we're going to up our game and make a multi-part episode all about aliens!
TV show length episodes
$7,500 per Month
We'll produce one 22 minute episode every month.


I'm the publisher of Universe Today.


Courtenay, BC, Canada

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Fraser and Jay are creating videos about Space and Astronomy.  

We're here to debunk myths and bend minds, in show built for regular humans (who might watch a little too much science fiction).
Our show is supported by Universe Today, founded by Fraser 15 years ago, to improve the quality of space and astronomy journalism. Back then, mainstream media did a terrible job of coverage, reducing content to only entertain the lowest common denominator.

Universe Today covers it's costs by advertising, and we'd like to move past that.

If you're willing to join us. You'll be directly contributing to the creation of space and astronomy content. We can afford more in-depth interviews, longer videos, and higher production values across everything we do.

It's handled all here, through Patreon.

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