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About Unjapan

( Présentation en français cliquez ici )

Take a look behind the scenes of Japanese artists and craftsmen, recognized by their peers.

Unjapan means "Unique, Unknown, Unbelievable Japan" and aims at promoting artists and craftsmen from the Japanese archipelago around the world.

Unique: promote exceptional Japanese artists
outside Japan via our online store.

Unknown: learn more about the Japanese artists we collaborate closely with via our blog. Discover articles and videos about these masters with incomparable techniques.

Unbelievable: travel and discover! We will introduce you to local actors who are passionate about their jobs. Discover Japanese daily life through incredible portraits on our YouTube channel

Take a look behind the scenes of Japanese artists and artisans recognized by their peers, on a multimedia platform promoting 100% real and authentic Japanese know-how, far from clichés.

Supporting Unjapan means helping local artisans in an ethical and fair manner.

Who are we ?

We are Pierre and Mai, a Franco-Japanese couple living in Uji, Kyoto prefecture. Through our experience in Japanese tourism and our contacts in the Japanese luxury crafts industry, we have developed a passion and a deep respect for the work of these artists. Our desire to promote them led us to the creation of Unjapan during the spring of 2021.
In order to make this promotion more visual, Stéphane quickly joined us to direct the videos you can watch on our YouTube channel.

The project is now developing and we regularly meet new artists and craftsmen, in order to immerse you, in an intimate and personal way, in the workshops of these Japanese masters, otherwise difficult to access to the first comer.

(Below is a video, directed by Stéphane for Unjapan, of Kutaniyaki porcelain grand master Fukushima Buzan. Considered a national living treasure in Japan, he notably collaborated with Hermès for two watch models, the "Koma Kurabé" and "the woman with the wind soles") Don’t forget to activate the subtitles.

Why are we on Patreon?

Because we deeply believe in our project, we have invested a lot of our time and money in Unjapan. Acquiring video equipment, developing the website and building a product inventory come at a cost. Even though the products sold on the site are intended to support our artists and artisans, it is thanks to donations from Patreon that we will be able to continue financing and producing videos.

That’s where you come in !

Thanks to your donations, we will be able to:

  • Produce new videos to help you discover a rare and exceptional Japan
  • Invest in equipment in order to improve the quality of these videos
  • Expand our team, find new artists and establish strong links with them

Plus, a donation for Unjapan is an investment for you!

Starting from a 30 € donation (≈34 USD), you can convert a part of your donation into a coupon,
valid for 1 year on our online store.Thus, you can accumulate these vouchers and not only help us continue this project, but also treat yourself with high-end products, handmade by great Japanese masters, "100% made in Japan".

One last word !

By helping Unjapan, you are helping us to share and promote artists and artisans who have acquired a level of excellence through several generations and who produce unique and exceptional works that only exist in Japan. You thus help us promote an authentic know-how and make it known outside the Japanese borders.

Thank you.あ り が と う ご ざ い ま す 🙏

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