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Hey guys,

I'm a budding content creator, dedicated to making Payday 2 videos, guides and game plays. If you haven't, check out my videos on my channel and if you like what I'm doing and are able to, do support me and my endeavour.

Funding and support at this stage will go towards better equipment and software that will help me record better videos be it computer hardware for better graphics, faster processing and editing or administrative efforts like graphics and music sound files to steer clear of copyright grounds and eventually turn it into a full time effort so hours can go into my videos daily.

I do not know how I can reward potential patrons like you at the moment but if you choose to put your support with me, you'll help and accompany my growth into a entertainer and content maker that can one day hopefully give back to the community and the supporters.

And last but not least, your support shows your appreciation for my principle of keeping my videos ad free!

Unknown Knight,
signing off.

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