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About Unlikely Heroes of Jordoba

Thank you to all of our patrons! Our 5th edition D&D game videos are actual play, not scripted, and they are usually live-streamed on youtube through the Uncle Matt's D&D Studio channel. Matt Finch is the DM, and has a fair amount of praise for his skills. Bill Webb of Frog God Games has mentioned Matt as the best DM he knows, Tim Kask (founding editor of the Dragon Magazine) lists him as one of the top five he knows, and Frank Mentzer (author of the 1983 BEMCI edition of D&D) put Matt in the first ten on his list in a facebook post. Matt is one of the co-authors of Rappan Athuk, author of The Tome of Adventure Design, and is a special guest at Garycon, North Texas RPG Con, and Gamehole Con.