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Those beads are toys for childen... !?

Don't listen to these people... Do what you like and what makes you fun. I enjoy "playing" with iron beads (Bügelperlen in German). It's relaxing (ok, not always, but most of the time) and the results make me, and hopefully some of you, very happy. 

These days there are companies that sell coloring books especially for grown ups (with boobs, insults or just very hard motives), as a way to relax after work. So why not do other things you used to do, when you where younger? Most of the people play video games since they are old enough to hold a controller. Lego is also a toy that not only kids enjoy (Hey AFOLs). Why not give the beads a chance, to fill your evening? 

Maybe I can ignite that flame in you? 

For me it all started in 2013, when I wanted to decorate my room with some nerdy stuff, that I created myself. My first idea, was to start with Lego, but soon this became quite expensive, so I had to look for another material to work with. Than the iron beads appeared. Long long ago in my childhood, I loved playing with them. Well... now, as an adult, I still do and make a lot of stuff with them! 

In the beginning I googled patterns and still get a lot of my video game based stuff from spriting sites. A lot of people tell me, that they don't know, how to work with those sprites. So I try to steer this whole thing here in a kind of a teaching journey. 

I rework all the sprites and patterns I use for you here, and show you the way I prefer to work with sprites, patterns and stuff. 

A good mixture of gaming stuff, anime stuff, real realistic pixel art and more will be my topics. You can help, develop this into a bigger thing. Not just with backing me with your money. Give me feedback, let's talk and discuss. Tell me, what you want to see. 

Let me share my passion with you! 

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Basic Support
per month
The first level of support shows that you appreciate my work and want to support a never grown up nerd with his beloved beads. Since I release reworked, simple patterns for free, this is the way you can give me something back, for the time I spent editing and creating this kind of patterns for you.

Thank you :)
Medium Support
per month
Thanks a lot for your help! Here you get medium Patterns, reworked to be used with the matching colorplate. How To's and other advice is included, too!

- simple patterns

- medium patterns

High Support
per month
OMG.. Thank YOU!

On this level you'll get the patterns for my photorealistic pixel art projects and of course the medium stuff, besides the How To's and Advice. Besides that, you'll get (once) your very own photorealistic pixel art pattern, to create a person you love, like, admire, whatever.

You'll get named in my YouTube Videos (if you want to) as a supporter, so that everyone will know, that I wouldn't have made it without your help! 

- simple patterns

- medium patterns

- photorealistic patterns

- named in videos as supporter

- very own photorealistic pattern (once)

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