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What the world thinks about Japan isn't as important as what Japan thinks about Japan. 

Unseen Japan works to bring you news and in-depth essays based largely on original Japanese sources.  We also work actively with liberal journalists and opinion-makers in Japan to translate their content into English for the first time. Our subject matter includes culture and history, women's rights and Japanese feminism, LGBT rights, work/life balance, and business. 

Our popular piece Why a Virtual YouTuber Has Some Women Japanese Women Railing Against Anime Culture, based on a popular series of tweets from a prominent Japanese lawyer and feminist.

Why Support Unseen Japan Financially? 

We know it's frustrating to get online and feel like everyone's asking you for money. But in a day and age of increasing corporate control of the media, crowd-sourcing of independent voices is critical. By supporting us, you'll help us fulfill the following important goals: 

  • Translate more Japanese news and opinion content into English. We want to become a major outlet for people in Japan that you may never otherwise hear in English - for prominent free journalists, activists, feminists, lawyers, politicians and ordinary citizens whose voices may never make it into mainstream English news coverage about the country. 
  • Pay our writers & translators fairly. We want to have some of the best people in Japanese translation and academic Japan Studies writing content for us - and we want to ensure they're rewarded appropriately for their efforts. The more people who contribute, the more we'll be able to compensate our writers for their efforts. Your patronage helps us create an economy of scale for people who have made Japan their passion and profession. 
  • Support Japanese Learning. We also run the Unseen Japan Forum, an adjunct of UnseenJapan.com that serves as a rich discussion forum for learning Japanese. We offer pointers to tools, software, and methods, as well as advice to assist people on their language learning mission. 

Additionally, your UJ patronage includes key benefits at every subscription tier, including:

  • Exclusive content. Every month, we publish two of our essays exclusively for Patreon subscribers. We will also publish book chapters and other exclusive content to anyone who becomes a Patron at the $1/month or higher level.
  • Early access to public essays. Read our public essay content before anyone else - and get cited if we use a correction you supply us.
  • Stickers, chat sessions, snack boxes, and custom essays. Higher level subscribers ($3/month and up) get a host of other goodies at every tier.

Your donation of even $1/month helps offset our costs, pay our staff of writers what they're worth, and grow the depth and variety of content we can offer you.

We thank you for your support!
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This goal will enable us to cover our core operating costs, which include paying for two essays/week, at least one news piece a week, and our costs for our stock photo services. 
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