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About Heidi Galore

My goal in creating this podcast is to bring forward stories of unsolved crimes that may have been long forgotten. I believe that there is always someone out there who knows something that could help solve these cases. For now, I'm able to release about 1-2 episodes per month. Ultimately, I'd like to increase that to once a week. 

My inspiration comes from the many years I spent as a youth watching true crime and mystery shows, like Unsolved Mysteries and the many Lifetime made-for-TV movies of the 1980s and 1990s. As an 11-year-old, I would ride my bike home, in the dark, after my Girl Scout meetings at the youth center. I'd ride as fast as my feet could pedal. I could feel my hands and fingers tingling with a mixture of fear and excitement. Unsolved Mysteries came on those nights after my Girl Scout meetings. I would think to myself as I rode that I couldn't wait to see the show, and I'd also play in my mind the what-if scenarios of what could happen if I fell victim to the many killers I'd seen on TV. This was all before TV channels dedicated solely to true crime stories, of course.

My Background
I worked as a police officer in Northern Virginia from 2000-2005, spending my last year there as a crime scene investigator. In September 2001, I volunteered to be a part of the team of officers sifting through and sorting evidence in the many piles of rubble brought to the perimeter parking lot of the Pentagon. Since then I've been working as a crime analyst specifically searching for missing children and/or the people who've taken them. I've also been storytelling on stage for quite some time. 

The Podcast
I spend an enormous amount of time researching all aspects of each case for Unsolved Podcast. To conduct the kind of more in-depth research that I need to do to improve each episode, I need to pay for the access to those research tools. I use some of them every day in my current job but cannot use them for this endeavor unless I buy separate subscriptions. They are fairly costly. 

Traveling to the sites of these cases and searching for people to interview also costs time and money. I'd like to be able to offset that. I'm limited to weekend day trips , which limits the depth I can achieve for each story. I have plenty of vacation time to use, just not the funds to utilize those days the way I'd like. 

Also, I'd like to make a few upgrades to the Unsolved Podcast website as the show grows. I created the site and wrote all the code for it. So I'd like to continue working on it and upgrading its capabilities.
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