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About UNspoiled!

Be honest. 

Are you up at 2 AM after marathoning
Breaking Bad, desperate for someone to talk to about the huge plot twist in Season 3, with nowhere to turn?

Do you want to listen as someone totally unspoiled experiences Harry Potter for the first time?

Are you the person who threw their book across the room during a certain scene in
A Song Of Ice And Fire, and showed up to the office in black the next day, in mourning for fictional characters?

If this sounds familiar, UNSPOILED! is for you. 

My name is Natasha, and my mission is to bring a second life to the books and movies and TV shows that are over too soon, the ones that leave us wishing we could re-live them or share the experience with a close friend. I podcast about them one chapter or one episode at a time, analyzing the plot and characters and all the little details that made those worlds so rich and exciting. And to make sure that you get the same satisfaction as the first time you read or watched it, at least one person on every show is totally unspoiled to the material.

Here's what UNspoiled! is covering (or has covered) so far: 

A Song Of Ice And Fire
The Dark Tower
Orphan Black
Harry Potter
True Detective
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Breaking Bad
The Golden Compass
The Walking Dead
The Sandman
The Leftovers
The Dresden Files 

And that's not even including the Patrons-Only content! 
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Black Mirror
Twin Peaks
And more!

Sounds awesome, right?

It is awesome, dear reader. It is. 

But here's the thing. Natasha gets asked to cover new material all the time, and while working a day job there is simply no way for her to get to it all. So...she's taking a huge leap of faith and putting her fate into the hands of her listeners by attempting to go full-time on the podcasting. 

hat do you get out of supporting the show? 
  • $5- All of the above, plus access to weekly special audio episodes AS THEY ARE RECORDED, plus voting on upcoming material
  • $10- All of the above, plus a thank-you in the mail with an freshly-designed postcard to put somewhere awesome where everyone will see it and ask what that awesome card is for.
  • $20- All of the above, plus twice-monthly live Crowdcasts of RoShawn and me recording Harry Potter, AND twice-monthly live episodes of UNsober! with me and RoShawn.
  • $30- All of the above, plus I will plug whatever special project or podcast you would like, for 30 seconds on the podcast of your choice! I will also include a link to your project in the post for that episode. Feel free to send me a written statement, or just some general info and I can wing it. 
  • $70- All of the above, but for 5 podcasts of your choice.

That's a lot of stuff. 

Natasha loves what she does and wants to do more, but she can't do it without your help! Please consider pledging any amount to help her make her dream of podcasting full-time a reality, and in return she promises she will make your dream of an awesome listening experience a reality. 

Thank you for reading, and see you soon!

100% complete

If and when RoShawn and I reach our fundraising goal, we will follow the reread of the final Harry Potter book (The Deathly Hallows) with coverage of A Song Of Ice And Fire by George RR Martin. This will be the second time UNspoiled! has covered these books, and due to that I feel comfortable with doing something a little different. RoShawn has watched the whole HBO series, and she read the first 2 books over a decade ago (but doesn't remember anything), so this won't be the typical UNspoiled! series with a reader who has no idea what's coming. Instead this will be a deep analysis of themes, of the differences between the source material and the TV show, and of the differences in how we feel about the story now versus the first time we experienced it. THIS WILL NOT BE A PATRONS-ONLY SHOW! The original UNspoiled! ASOIAF series will be retired exclusively to the UNspoiled! website and removed from iTunes, and the new show with RoShawn will take its place on the same iTunes feed as the old.
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