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About Unter Null

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page! I'm Erica Dunham, and I write music under the names of Unter Null, Stray, and sometimes others. But those are the main ones!

I started with Unter Null back in '98 as I was a huge fan of industrial music, and I felt so inspired to write my own material. As I learned more as a producer and artist, I met some amazing people, artists, and fans, and was able to eventually play shows all over the world! I've released several albums with Unter Null and I'm currently writing a new one.

Stray also eventually became another project of mine; I've always liked to say it was the project to balance out Unter Null. I've released one album with this project so far and am starting the process of writing a sophomore album.

So, why this Patreon page, you ask? Not only do I think this is a brilliant way to connect on a more personal level with fans (see the incentives), the money raised through this Patreon page will go towards studio hardware and software upgrades (which are constant!), fun new merchandise, website improvements, gear for live shows, and rehearsal and recording space.

Eventually I want to offer video tutorials to those just delving into their own production of music. When I was first starting out, I would have loved to have someone to guide me through all the learning curves that I navigated mostly on my own. Music is a beautiful language and I would love to help those wanting to learn.
8% complete
Once this goal is reached I can start the serious overhaul and upgrade my studio needs - better processing and upgraded hardware so the album process isn't as tedious as it can be when your CPU is taking a crap! 
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