Unwoman is creating Cello-filled original & cover songs

The songs. Just the songs.

$1 /creation
Download of amazing new cover or original song, 1-3 per month

The right to vote, discount-style!

$2 /creation
Vote on which songs I cover! Now discounted, since Patreon announced new fees and I lost a ton of patrons.

The right to vote

$3 /creation
Downloads of all songs, plus the ability to vote on which songs I cover, at least every other month! (you can nominate options along with all other patrons)

Fancy guest list!

$10 /creation
Guest list for Unwoman shows wherever possible (doesn't apply to shows Unwoman where is opening act, or conventions). Includes downloads and the right to vote! NEW 6-2017: at $120 lifetime contribu...