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I'm the creator of the webcomic UP and OUT! I make weird comics about stuff.


Amherst, MA, USA

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$1+ a week - Access to weekly scans of my comic prep-sketches, ideas and a small write-up on what the heck I was thinking. Click here to see example sketches/commentary for this comic.

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$5+ a week - The previous tier PLUS access to a new screen-captured recording of my drawing process each month! It'll be sped up, so as to cover hours of work in the span of a few minutes. Click here to see an example clip of the making of this comic.

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$10+ a week - The previous tiers PLUS access to a monthly live stream drawing-session! For patrons only!! Tell me what to draw! Ask me questions about life, comics, whatever you want!

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$25+ a week - All the previous rewards PLUS a special one-time special deal, I'll draw you into one of my comics (or a friend/family member) and then send you a high-resolution jpg that you can print out!

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$75+ a week - The previous tiers PLUS I'll follow you on Twitter, add you on Skype, and be available for feedback on any projects you're working on. Let's be bros! It'll be totally rad!

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 Patreon FAQ

How often will I be charged?
You will be charged once at the end of the month, when Patreon tallies up how many updates I posted during that time. The UP and OUT Patreon page updates four times each month, so if you pledge $1 per update, you'll be charged $4 at the end of the month. Patreon is very flexible, you can easily set a budget cap on how much you're willing to be charged each month.

Could you tell me more about the budget cap?
Say that you'd like to receive the the $10 reward, but don't want to give me $40 each month because you don't have room in your budget for such an expense. If you set your cap at $10, you'll still receive the reward benefits, but only $10 will go to me each month. Easy peasy! You set your cap on the page directly after you pick your reward tier.

Why does your Patreon page update weekly? Why not monthly?
I'm currently unable to fully  support myself through Patreon, so I supplement my income by doing some freelance work here and there. Doing so can sometimes cut into my comic-making time, which means that there might be weeks where I only update maybe once or twice, or even not at all! I wouldn't feel right charging my readers for a month of comics if I was unable to deliver 12 full comics, so it makes the most sense for me to go on a week-by-week basis for now.

Do I have to pay with US currency?
Nope! All currencies are accepted and converted to US Dollars!

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Of course! Just log-in to your account and change the settings.
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